Engine Processing - Power, Consumption, Performance (2021)

Engine Processing – Power, Consumption, Performance

Engine Processing – More Power, Less Consumption, Better Performance!

Engine Processing – Power, Consumption, Performance: Interested in learning the procedure to make your vehicle more efficient and improve its performance? See how regular maintenance can affect performance.

The engines of the new cars are calibrated for the development of average performance. If you want to make your vehicle more efficient and improve its performance, engine tuning is a useful measure. There are so many tuning possibilities.

Arctic temperatures, as well as the desert heat, rarely happen in Europe, so many presets are superfluous. With these calibrations, car manufacturers find a compromise between performance and durability with minimum maintenance. Furthermore, they consume the performance that is possible to get back in the car with professional assistance. Engineers must consider all potential weather conditions.


Engine Processing - Power, Consumption, Performance (2021)
Engine Processing – Power, Consumption, Performance

Tuning is not limited to mechanical interventions in the engine, although it all starts with the retrofit of boosters, compressors, nitrous oxide injections, etc. Technical progress always creates new possibilities for improving the performance of the car.

Today, engine tuning essentially consists of altering the electronic control of the engine, being the fastest and easiest way to improve vehicle performance.

Two chip tuning techniques

Thanks to the chip tuning it is possible to obtain the improvement of the engine performance in two different ways: the installation of an additional control unit and the so-called remapping of the control unit.

The difference is in the amount of work and the price. The installation of an additional control unit takes only a few minutes and costs around 300 euros. While remapping is a procedure that can only be done in a workshop, it takes several hours and costs start at 600 euros.

1.1 Additional power unit: attention!

The control unit market is vast. The essential thing is to choose brand quality. Many manufacturers promise a great performance for a low price.
But installing these cheap pieces can be risky. The performance development of these solutions is usually too high or too inaccurate. With ECUs bought at auction on the Internet, serious engine damage is often only a matter of time.

Prices for quality pieces start at 300 euros. They are usually supplied with the general type approval. However, registration for the approval of measures to increase performance at the Car Review is mandatory. The insurance company must also be informed about changes made in the engine. Otherwise, in the case of damage, a claim for compensation could be partially or totally refused.

● Installation of an additional control unit
● Installing an additional ECU is surprisingly simple.

It is connected to the motor cables with the supplied cables and sockets – done! The increase in performance is available immediately. The fact that the installation is very simple attracts above all “do it yourself” enthusiasts.
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1.2 Remapping of the ECU in a workshop

Remapping is more comfortable for users, albeit considerably more expensive. The procedure includes reprogramming the original ECU to achieve optimum performance. The workshops get paid for the expertise and the work. This engine processing mode will cost you no less than 600 euros.

Although the result is worth it: the performance increase of 30 – 35 HP is more than realistic. This additional performance can be used for those who prefer the sporty driving style. If this is normal driving, the improvement will be noticed by the reduction in fuel consumption. Another advantage is that the workshop takes administrative responsibility for the changes. Registration in the vehicle documents is almost always included in the service.

The extra performance with the combination of two options?

Of course, it seems very attractive to improve engine performance even more with a combination of both techniques. However, before deciding to take this step, think twice.

Engine performance cannot be improved in an unlimited way. Also, the original settings are predefined. If a remapping can increase the power by 30 HP, a further increase requires adaptation of the brakes and suspension.

The essential: traditional engine processing

The engine needs three elements to run: air, fuel and ignition. Air is needed because it contains the oxygen that burns the fuel in the combustion chambers. The more air available, the more effective the combustion is. Previously, changes were made to turbochargers, and compressors to increase the amount of air.

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Engine Processing – Power, Consumption, Performance

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