how to maintain a car that is not driven

Tips from Nascar’s Specialists to Maintain Your Car During Stay-at-Home

How to Maintain a Car that is not Driven?

How to Maintain a Car that is not Driven?: Stay-at-home means, you have to stay off the road with people not driving their cars for weeks during the COVID-19. Along with this, it can cause breakdowns if you are not wary. According to the N.C Department, car traffic seems very down. However, NASCAR’S Technical Institute, here are some tips offered about heading off car trouble for the people who might now park their vehicles for weeks at a time.

Inspect and Maintain Tires

Knowing how to maintain the car’s tire pressure helps reduce wear on the tires as well as helps ensure you are getting good gas mileage. Checking tire pressurecomprises finding the recommended pressure, detection of PSI, and inflating and deflating the tires accordingly.

There is a great need to know that a flat tire is a hazard and it can be dangerous to you as well as your car. There are various preventative measures you can takein order to help avoid a blowout.

Wash your Car

The car is subjected to all types of elements, from road salt as well as ice melt in the winter to tree sap in the summer. These hazards are not only unsightly, they can also cause damage to paint as well as the undercarriage. It is fascinating to know that your car clean can help prevent long-term damage. Along with this, keeping the car’s belts and hoses in good shape helps keep your car running help you avoid a breakdown on the road.

Change the Oil

Checking and changing the vehicle’s oil is crucial in order to keep the engine in running condition. Checking your oil as well as changing it as directed in the car’s owner’s is essential.  Along with this, you can also change the vehicle’s oil yourself and take it to a service center. If you want to do it yourself, there is a great need to learn the essential steps in order to drain the fluid, set the correct oil level as well as dispose of old oil.

You have to know which type of motor oil is suitable for your car, regardless of whether you change the vehicle’s oil change yourself or take it to a service center, it means, there is need to consider three essential things that are, the oil viscosity, whether to use synthetic versus non-synthetic oil as well as car’s mileage.

Check the Fluids

Various fluids must be kept at the appropriate levels in order to help keep your car running properly. According to auto repair in Las Vegas, you should check:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid

A leak with these fluids significantly affects the way your car drives. If you spot any leak, you might be able to identify its color. It can help you as well as your mechanic determine where the leak is coming from. Along with this, it can also help speed up the repair process.

Car Batteries

Batteries are known as one of the biggest concerns because all the electronics in modern cars drain down batteries even when they are sitting idle. We all know that without you driving your car daily, the battery goes to tends to go dead. However, in lockdown, start your car once a week as well as let it run for five to 10 minutes. It will get your car up to good operating temperature as well as recharge the battery too.

Protect from Sun Damage

Bear in mind, if the car will be parked outside for long periods with summer approaching, get sun shades in order to protect the car’s interior. You can also get one for the back window, your dashboard and steering wheel gets sun damage, but so will the top of your backseats. Along with this, oil problems are most prevalent in areas of higher humidity that causes condensation problems in the oil’s metal pathways. However, if you are not using a car for several months, it’s smart to change the oil as a precaution before driving.

Bear in mind that some routine car care tasks can be done at home. However, others require trained technicians. It is essential to take your car to a technician. Trained technicians diagnose the problem through the car’s OBD-II port.

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Tips from Nascar’s Specialists to Maintain Your Car During Stay-at-Home

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