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There are certain parts of the car that we never remember until they fail. For example, the air conditioner is a piece that although it does not prevent the normal operation of the car and we can drive if it gets annoyed in summer or winter without a doubt it is a nuisance due to the discomfort of being cold or hot depending on the time of year. And it is important to carry out the correct maintenance of the air conditioner so that it does not fail and we do not suffer from inclement weather.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you a series of tips and keys on proper maintenance of your car’s air conditioner. So you already know if you don’t know how to do it, we recommend that you keep reading and of course put into action the tips that we are going to mention.


To get the most out of your car’s air conditioner, you should know several things, the first is that you should not abuse this device and that is that although it is hot or cold, it is not good to have a temperature that is neither too high nor too low. The reason for not overdoing the air conditioner is that it will break down more easily in the future and your health will suffer the consequence of abusing an environment that is too hot or cold as the case may be.

Nor do we tell you not to use it, it is not about it. For example, if it’s hotter than 30 or 35 degrees outside in the shade, a good temperature is between 19 and 22 degrees indoors. In winter, on the other hand, a comfortable temperature should be between 10 and 15 degrees. All this for especially long journeys of more than 15 minutes.

In addition to controlling the temperature and not overdoing the wheel that controls the cold and heat, we should think about checking and cleaning the air conditioner at least once a year. In this way, we will achieve the following:

  • Longer duration without going through the workshop.
  • Better air quality.
  • Avoid changing the air filter.


An air conditioner is nothing more than a device for treating the air that enters the interior of the car and controls the entrance of the ventilation flow of the exterior and interior air. But it also has other functions such as cleaning the environment by filtering the particles through a filter and controlling the temperature (heat or cold) and avoiding excess humidity, therefore, it moistens in winter and dehumidifier in summer.

Although an air conditioner does not produce heat or cold per se from sources outside the car, it does use a closed circuit made up of an air conditioning compressor, a drive belt that feeds it, and a refrigeration circuit. Refrigerant gas called R134 circulates in the circuit, which removes the heat from the interior and transfers it to the outside through a reverse refrigeration cycle as in a refrigerator or refrigerator.

For the air conditioner to work 100%, we must make it work from time to time even when it is neither hot nor cold. Finally, in the event that we want to change the gas we must know that although it is not an expensive failure, it is one of the most frequent and common breakdowns that can happen to your car.


If you do not want to pay for the gas change in any mechanical workshop, you should know a couple of things: the first is to find the inputs of the circuit that have a visible plugin which the thin pipe is the high pressure and the low pressure is wide.

In the event that you cannot locate them, you can consult the instruction manual. After unscrewing the pipe cap, you must connect the circuit taps to the high and low-pressure hoses with a pressure of around 8 and 10 bars as well as make sure that the system is closed.

Once the previous step is finished, it is time to open the circuit and the pipes to the right one by one and never both at the same time. Check that the pressure of the market rises and thus does not damage the pipe or gas out when removing the hoses from the circuit. Once this is done, we must wait to recover the gas and clean the system. This cleaning operation may take a while, so we recommend a little patience.


Changing the air filter is more important than it seems as it affects the quality of the air we breathe and therefore our health. Therefore, it is best to change it every 15,000 or 20,000 kilometers. An indicative sign that the filter must be renewed is that when the climate is activated there is little airflow and therefore it neither cools nor gives as much heat as it should.

In addition to changing the air filter, we must take into account the load of the air conditioning. If every year on average around 20 or 30 percent of the gas is lost, it is advisable to check that the gas works well and that when it fails we must change it. At least once a year and if you use it a little you should check it every two years or so.


Not everyone knows how to use the air conditioner correctly, so we are going to give you some tips for use:

If we have just started with heat, it is convenient to let the car circulate for a couple of minutes with the windows down so that the cabin is a little colder and the climate control change is not so abrupt. Thus, we achieve greater energy efficiency, we do not force the air conditioner and we do not get too hot when going with the windows open.

In the case of cold, if you see that the mist persists on the windows, it is that it does not cool too much. You should check the circuit load. One option is to use the car’s internal cooling to accommodate the starting temperature.

And that’s it, hopefully, these tips will help you not to change the gas so frequently and that you don’t have problems with this fault. If you are a little care it is quite easy to solve.

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