GPS Dash Cams

Why GPS Dash Cams Are a Must-Have?

Did you know that the global dashboard camera market is worth almost $5 billion? Gone are the days of arguing about who was at fault in an accident. With a dash cam, you always have an impartial observer who knows and remembers exactly what happened. 

Due to recent advances in technology, dash cams are more affordable and more high-tech than ever. This makes it difficult to shop for one. How do you know what features are essential? 

Well, if nothing else, you need to be shopping for GPS dash cams. The GPS feature can protect your interests and save you tons of money. Read on to learn more about why GPS is an essential feature on your next dash cam! 

Accident Protection 

The reason dash cams have become so popular lately is due to the fact that they can protect you from huge insurance premiums.

A normal dash cam can show a video record of the incident and how everything transpired. But, a dash cam with GPS tracking can show that you were going the speed limit which can further solidify your claim. 

Not only will this help you save money on premiums, but it can also speed up the insurance process. When insurance companies don’t have to fight about who was at fault, they can settle more quickly and you’ll be able to move on with your life. 

Monitor Driving

If you want to improve your driving or have a teen driver in the house, a GPS dash cam can help give you the tools you need to monitor driving performance. You can make sure learning drivers are going the speed limit, obeying the rules of the road, and aren’t making any dangerous mistakes.

And, if a new driver has questions about a specific incident on the road, you can always review the footage to see if it was handled the right way. 

Save Money on Tickets

If you get hit with a speeding or traffic violation ticket, it can be difficult to contest on your word alone. Your GPS dash cam will show exactly how fast you were moving and will be able to show if you ran a red light. In other words, it will show if you deserved to get the ticket! 

If your dash cam supports your side of the story, you can either show it to the police officer immediately when getting pulled over or bring it to court afterward to contest the ticket.  

Track Driving Fleets 

If you run a commercial driving company, a dash cam with GPS tracking makes a great addition to your fleet. It will keep your drivers accountable, and allow you to monitor their driving.

You may click this over here now and check what options are available to make your fleet more manageable.

It can also save you money on insurance plans and claims, as you always have proof of who is at fault. 

Consider GPS Dash Cams Today

If you’re looking to buy a dash cam, GPS is a feature you should not skip. GPS dash cams can help improve your driving, save you money, and make sure you a protected on the road. 

If you enjoyed learning about why you should make sure to get GPS in your dash cam, we have lots of similar tech advice on our blog! Check it out for more! 

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