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Safe Travels: Top Reasons Why Wheel Alignment is Vital for Your Vehicle

According to a study in the United Kingdom, about 48% of cars are misaligned. This is one of the key parts of the car that you don’t really think about.

Car wheel alignment can have impacts on your ability to drive and even air pollution. Want to find out more about steering wheel alignment?

Read on to discover why it’s important, how to diagnose it, and what to do when your car has misaligned wheels.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

The number one reason why wheel alignment is important is safety.

According to aplustransmission.com, wheel alignment is part of the overall suspension system. The steering and suspension system works to provide friction between the road and tires on your car.

The better the friction, the better the steering and handling. Any issues can reduce the handling of the car and make it dangerous for you and your passengers.

Misaligned wheels can cause other issues with the car. Parts with the suspension and steering systems wear down more quickly because misalignment causes additional stress on the car.

Wheel alignment makes your car fuel efficient because it creates optimal friction and steering and handling. Suboptimal friction between the tires and the road makes your car work harder to accelerate.

It also reduces tire wear over time.

How to Check for Wheel Misalignment

There are a few ways to check to see if your wheels are in alignment or not. See how the car feels. If the steering wheel has more tension when turning in one direction, your wheels are misaligned.

Check the tires as well for uneven wear. Front wheels that have more wear on the outside or inside of the tire mean your front wheel alignment is off.

What causes misaligned wheels? Your car goes over bumps and road hazards daily. Hit a pothole at the right angle and speed can throw the alignment off.

These methods for checking alignment will tell you if your alignment is really off. It only takes a couple of degrees of misalignment to do damage.

Check with an auto repair shop in your area for an alignment diagnostic.

Repairing Steering Wheel Alignment

Fortunately, a wheel alignment job is simple for most mechanics. It usually takes an hour or two to complete.

What should you expect during a wheel alignment? Expect a quick turnaround and don’t be surprised if the mechanic recommends new tires.

It’s often the best way to maintain wheel alignment.

Don’t Overlook Car Wheel Alignment

You put a lot of time and attention into your car. You don’t often think about wheel alignment until it’s too late.

Use the tips in this guide to make sure your steering wheel alignment works flawlessly. Check to see if the alignment is off by looking at the tires and paying attention to the steering and handling of the car.

If something is off, take it to a repair service as soon as possible.

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