How To Get Rid Of Your Old Car In Exchange For Good Money

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Car In Exchange For Good Money

Car owners often rush too quickly to sell out their old or junk car to a dealership in exchange for money. Of course, it’s one of the easiest ways to sell out your car.

No doubt about it.

But, what if we told you that there are other ways you can get rid of your old car? And that too for far better money?

Well, wondering how?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

If Your Car Is In Working Condition

Most car owners usually sell their used cars in working condition, for obvious reasons – the new buyer can use it further. And, of course, it fetches good money.

But, there are some tried and tested ways to sell your ordinary car for extra cash.

Offer Extras

The first thing you can do to increase your old car’s resale value is to offer extras.

Now, you may wonder what would these “extras” mean?

Well, you don’t have to add anything but simply need to share more information.

For example, if you have, you can share additional service records for your car. Service records would help the buyer evaluate the condition and necessary maintenance that may be needed.

Likewise, you can also get your car a new paint, install new tyres, and offer a free service after the sale.

These additional offers can lure in the customers and get you a better deal for your used car.

Please note that you shouldn’t make any aftermarket modifications to your car. Instead of increasing your car’s value, aftermarket mods tend to depreciate it.

Sell It For Commercial Purpose

Guess what? There are plenty of commercial vehicle services that may be interested in your old car if it’s in working condition.

Yes, you read that right.

Companies like Lyft, Uber, and many more are often on a lookout for used cars. Private small taxi operators and business owners also prefer used vehicles for their inventory.

And the best part is, they can offer you a great price on your used car.

Not only this, but you can also reach out to local hospitals or shuttle service companies to buy your used car.

With slight modifications to your used car, such buyers can easily earn a lot of profit on their investment. Perhaps, this is the sole reason why they may offer you a reasonable price initially.

When approaching a commercial vehicle company, make sure that you have all the papers cleared. It should further affirm the price that you seek for your used car.

If Your Car Is A Piece Of Junk

In that odd scenario, when you have old junk lying around in your garage, it might seem a little more challenging to get the right buyer for your car. You may need instant Cash for cars to get rid of your old piece. And to your surprise, there are still options to meet your requirements.

Keep reading to find out about these options.

Look For Quick Cash Options

To your surprise, many used car buyers are interested in junk cars. They usually fix the vehicle to working conditions and export it out to third-world countries.

Here’s an example, Africa is the biggest importer of used German and American cars. Regardless of whether the vehicles are working or not, there is a massive demand for them in the African market.

Likewise, there are dealers in Australia who export used cars to South American and South Asian countries.

You can easily find such buyers and sell your car at a reasonable price. And the best thing about these dealers is, they would buy even if you have no paperwork for your old junk.

Plus, these buyers offer quick cash in exchange for old cars.

Meaning, you wouldn’t have to wait for a complete inspection of the vehicle before you get the cash in your hand.

When selling your car to an exporter or reseller, make sure to check their valid license. It’ll help ensure that your vehicle is sold to the right person and not any shady company.

Dismantle And Sell For Parts

It is no surprise that many car models are often discontinued a little later than they are introduced in the market.

And later, they come to be some of the most exquisite vehicles for car enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, these rare cars are often quite expensive to maintain. The reason being the unavailability of the spares.

Thankfully, you can be of help to such customers, especially if you own such a piece. And as we said, the unavailability of the spares is a huge problem, you can demand a good fortune for the spares.

All you need to do is dismantle your junk car and sell it out for its spares and other parts.

Perhaps, who knows, your junk could be worth more than the rare fortune car itself.

To further ease your task, you can go for online selling portals such as eBay to offer the spares and additional parts. This way, you’d be able to find the right customer and demand the right price for your junk.

Here’s an additional secret for you – many car modification companies specialize in remodelling vintage and rare cars. You’d want to get in touch with them to get the best deal for your old piece of junk.

The Takeaway

Selling your car to a used car dealer or a scrapyard is the easiest way to earn money for your asset. However, it is not the only option out there.

With proper knowledge and following the right steps, you can quickly increase the value of your used car.

Besides, you never know your used car could be worth a fortune until you try and explore your options.

For this reason, it is better to try out these ideas as mentioned above, and we assure you that you will fetch a better price for your used or old car.

On this note, we recommend you get started with your research and make the best of your old piece of junk right away.

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