How to Drive an RV: 5 Travel Tips for RV Owners

Did you know that there are over 9 million registered RV owners in the U.S? Without a doubt, people are using RVs more than ever before. But, driving an RV is no easy task, as it requires certain knowledge and skills.

Did you recently learn how to drive an RV? If you’re still a bit uneasy when you go out on the open road, then don’t worry! Today, we’ll cover some essential RV driving tips that’ll give you the confidence you need.

1. Practice as Much as You Can

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take your RV out to go grocery shopping or pick up the kids. Instead, try to go to vacant parking lots and practice there. You can practice your U-turns and K-turns and also try parking.

RV parking isn’t easy, especially if your RV is big, so don’t give up if you can’t get it the first time.

2. Take It Slow

Perhaps one of the best RV travel tips you can get is to drive slow. Keep in mind that an RV is large, so if you’re speeding along and need to brake, you may not be able to.

Experts recommend never to exceed 65 MPH but instead stick to 60 MPH. Of course, if you have a small RV, then you can adjust the speed a little bit.

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3. Don’t Load Too Much

While it may be tempting to take all of your belonging on your RV, it’s best not to do that. The more we load the RV, the heavier it will be, which means braking or going up a hill will be more difficult. Try to get an additional caravan storage unit if you feel you need more space.

4. Don’t Tailgate

As you can imagine, if you’re too close to someone while driving, you’ll make them feel nervous. On top of that, if the vehicle in front of you brakes, then you’ll inevitably hit them. So, generally speaking, keep a distance of 400 to 500 feet.

5. Know Your RV’s Dimensions

If you want to avoid an unfortunate accident while passing through a tunnel or going under a bridge, learn your caravan limits. That’s why it’s crucial to plan your itinerary ahead of time to see if you’ll pass any tunnel or bridge. But it’s good to know that most RV’s are only 11 feet tall, but some of the bigger ones can reach up to 13 feet.

Learn How to Drive an RV With These Tips

Learning how to drive a caravan will be a challenging task, but not impossible. Be sure to follow these tips for caravan owners, and you’ll be driving with ease. So, don’t wait any longer and put these tips to practice!

What other caravan driving tips do you have? Please let us know in the comment section. And if you enjoy reading articles related to cars and other vehicles, be sure to check out our other posts!

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