Make your car battery last longer with proper care

Make your car battery last longer with proper care

Overview – How to extend the car battery health?

Are you worried about your battery losing its power while you’re on your trip? For your information, a dead battery is one of the most common reasons why drivers call for assistance on the roadside. So, it’s always important to make sure your power unit is in good condition to avoid an unexpected problem or even an accident.

According to, before purchasing a battery at Costco, make sure to know how the warranty works at the store. This is essential so you can know what to do when you need to replace it. 

Moreover, it’s always better if you know how to maintain your car’s battery to avoid buying a replacement. So here are the things you can do to maximize the lifespan of your battery.

The lifespan of a car’s battery

You have to accept that battery won’t last forever, but it can last for 3-5 years before with proper use and maintenance. After that, whether you like it or not, your power unit will show signs that it’s degrading already. So, when you keep on pushing using your car even when your power unit reaches its maximum life span, there’s a chance that it will fail without notice. 

However, there are ways to avoid degrading the lifespan of your power unit, so you can avoid buying for a replacement unexpectedly.

Keep it clean

You should always make sure that your power unit is free from dust and grime. A dirty power unit can cause a mild short circuit because it can discharge across the dirt on top of your battery casing. Also, always remember that your battery provides power to your electrical system; that’s why whenever you clean your car with a mixture of baking soda and water, make sure to dry it using a piece of cloth.

Avoid discharging your power unit

It’s also essential to check the voltage of your battery, so you can avoid discharging it. It’s a big no to wait for your power unit to discharge entirely before recharging it again. There’s a way on how you will know when you need to recharge it already. The first way is to use a voltmeter to check the voltage level of your battery; then, when it reaches 12.4, it means it’s already half-charged and when the voltage reaches 12.0, it means it’s completely flat and dead.

You can also see it when you start your car, and it takes time to start, so what you need to do is check the engine light if it is flashing. When it does, it means your power unit is already weak, and you need to recharge it.

Unplug all electronic devices

Ensure that your car’s engine is not working, remove all electronic devices connected to your car. When your car’s engine is not running, and there are electronic devices plugged in inside your car, it will drain slowly and discharge your power unit. This will also affect and lessen the life span of your battery. 

Not only that, make sure that all your car lights are turned off and all electronic devices that may be plugged before leaving your vehicle.

Don’t expose your power unit to extreme heat.

The weakness of a lead-acid-based battery is extreme heat. What happens when your power unit is heated up, there’s a chance that the electrolyte will evaporate. And when you do this more often, your battery can be significantly damaged. If you know that your car is exposed to 45 degrees Celsius and above, the life span of your battery will seriously be lessened.

So, you need to make sure every time you park your vehicle choose a spot with a shade. It would also be better to have your closed-door parking area at your house. By that, you can avoid your car being extremely exposed to direct heat from the sun.

Don’t leave your car for too long.

A lead-acid cell discharges even if not used, and this is called self-discharging. If you leave your car for an extended period, there’s a chance that it will be dead when you come back. When you leave your car unused, it loses life by about .075%-1% daily in hot temperature places and losses .25% in cold locations. So make sure if you will be away for too long, ask someone to work out the engine of your car daily, so your alternator can energize your power unit even when you’re away.

Avoid short trips

Whenever you start your engine, your power unit releases its power to crank your engine. And when your engine is already running, that’s the time when your cell recharges its voltage back. So, whenever you use your vehicle for short trips more frequently, it won’t regain the power that was lost. And in the long run, your power unit might lose its power, and you won’t be able to start the engine again.

Do not overcharge 

When you overcharge, it can severely damage the internal parts of your power unit, the mixture of acid and water until the casing will be hot when touched. When it happens, it will melt the case of your cell. And then, hydrogen will start to build up inside the cell, and when it starts to receive the oxygen, it will create an electric spark that will cause the battery to explode. And this can be the most dangerous effect when you overcharge your power unit.


These steps above are only a few things that you can do to make sure that your cell is in good condition. Always remember that your battery is the heart of your vehicle, and without it, you won’t be able to run your engine. Also, without doing proper battery maintenance, this could cause hassle and, worst, being stuck in the middle of the road while you’re on your trip.

Always keep in mind that a responsible driver knows how to take care of the overall wellness of their car.

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