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Car Maintenance: 4 Tips to Care for Your Used Cars

The life of your car depends directly on you i.e. how much effort you put in keeping it maintained. Regardless of the fact whether you own a new car or have purchased one of the used cars in Dubai, properly caring for it is essential for its long-life. Particularly if it is a used car, regular maintenance becomes even more important.

On this note, today we’re going to give you some handy maintenance tips that will make car maintenance a piece of cake for you. Take a look at them:

Regularly Check the Cooling System of Your Car

There are many components of your car that are vital for the longevity and working of your car. Out of these components, parts of your car’s cooling system are quite critical. The hoses carrying the coolant to the engine go through extreme wear and tear. Therefore, it’s important that you check them regularly to keep your car in the working condition. Other than that, you should also check the heater hoses to prevent any unforeseen breakdown on the road.

Regularly Check the Oil

Giving your car regular and timely oil change will keep it in a good working condition. It is crucial for your engine’s life as the oil keeps the friction between the moving parts in check. Check the level of the oil with the dipstick to get the accurate measurement. Normally, you’re required to change the oil after driving your car at least after every 1000 miles.

Change the Air and Oil Filters

Similarly, you should change your car’s oil and air filters every time you get your oil change. While you’re changing your car’s oil and filters, see the colour of the oil that comes out. It tells a lot about your engine’s health condition.

If the oil is black with white flakes, it means something’s wrong with your engine. Similarly, if it has tiny metal chunks, it means some breakage is going on in the engine.

Check Your Brakes

Brakes are imperative for your car’s safety as it’s the basic component that stops your car. Therefore, you have to give special attention to the health of your brakes. An effective way of checking your brakes is by bleeding them. You should bleed your brakes at least twice a year.

Also, check the brake oil every now and then and make them bleed at least every 6 months.

To bleed your brakes, you have to jack it up and make the brake oil spill. If the brake oil is clear without any rubber pieces, your braking system is all good to go. However, if there are some rubber pieces in the oil, the braking system might need an overhaul.

These are some tips that will definitely help you in keeping your used cars reno in race perfect conditions. Simply follow these tips for effortlessly maintaining your cars. If there’s a major issue, take your car to a professional and experienced mechanic.

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  1. I am planning to get a new 2nd hand car and it is very important to check the card before owning it. Thanks for an amazing checklist it will definitely help me to know what to check or not. Keep sharing some more awesome content.

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