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Why You Need to Invest In Mobile Detailing for Your Car

Are you among the 83% of Americans who used a professional car wash at least once in the last year? Are you looking for a more convenient way to get that professional car care? Find a professional service here.

Mobile detailing brings the car wash to you. In fact, mobile detailing is more than just a car wash.

Find out more about the benefits of mobile detailing for you and your vehicle. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it already.

How Does Mobile Detailing Work?

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of your vehicle. Detailing returns your car to showroom cleanliness and polish. It goes beyond a car wash and actively works to extend the life of your vehicle.

Mobile detailing is a service that brings this professional car detail to your location. A mobile detailer will come to your home, workplace, or other specified location to work on your car. When you book an appointment with a car detailing service, you’ll choose the day, time, and location.

Benefits of Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing gives you many advantages over taking your car to a traditional detailer or doing the work yourself.


Using a mobile detailer is very convenient. The detailer will come to your location on the day and time you choose.

You don’t waste time going to a detail shop and sitting in the waiting room for hours until your car is ready. There’s no need to take time off work or miss time with your family.


Mobile detailing services can be less expensive than traditional detailing. Mobile detailers have lower overhead costs because they don’t have a large facility or workforce. They typically pass those savings on to you.

Mobile detailers often offer discounts and promotions. For example, if the detailer can do multiple cars at a workplace or in a neighborhood, they might offer a discounted group rate.

Safe for Your Car

Standard car washes usually use harsh sprayers and chemicals. These can damage your car’s finish.

Mobile detailing services use products that are safe for your car. The products are not only safe but also effective.

Mobile detailers are professionals who know how to treat your car. You can be sure your vehicle will get the detailing services it needs.

Extend the Life of Your Car

Mobile detailing can extend the life of your car. A regular car wash can’t fully clean your car. Dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate and damage the upholstery, paint, and metal parts of the car. Dirt and grime can even affect how well your engine performs.

Mobile detailing reaches the farthest crevices of your car. You can be sure your vehicle is totally clean.

In addition to cleaning, mobile detailing protects your car with products like wax. Wax protects your car’s paint from things like rain, snow, rock chips, and UV rays. Leather upholstery will get a special conditioner to protect it from UV rays.

Protect Your Health

Harmful microorganisms can live in places it’s hard to clean on your own, like under your upholstery. Your mobile detailer can steam clean the interior of your car. This effectively kills bacteria and viruses.

Steam cleaning also helps remove bad odors.

A professional detailing service will ensure that the steam doesn’t damage your interior. You can be sure that your electronics are safe, and your interior won’t be left soggy.

Custom Packages

Traditional detailing limits you to the packages they listed. Mobile detailing has more flexible packages. You can choose options and customize a package that meets your specific needs.

Exterior and Interior Detailing

A mobile detailer can do the exterior of your car, the interior, or both. You get the same (or better) options and quality as you would get from traditional car detailing.

If you tend to keep the interior clean yourself, you may only need an exterior detail. However, if the interior needs some attention, you would probably benefit from a full detail package. These types of packages include the exterior and interior of your car.

Exterior Detail

An exterior-only detail focuses on the outside of your car. An exterior detail is more economical than a full package. You don’t need to hand over the keys, which makes the scheduling even simpler for you.

The detailer will clean the paint, windows, tires, and rims. Tire dressing is also usually included. This restores the rich, dark appearance of your tires.

A top-quality mobile detailer will provide their own water. You’ll get a thorough and traditional wash with a portable pressure washer.

You may also find detailing services that offer a waterless wash. It’s often cheaper than using water.

Waterless products can potentially damage your paint, though. Be sure to check reviews of any company using a waterless wash, so you avoid any unpleasant surprises. As long as the detailer uses proper precautions, you can get good results.

Interior Detail

An interior detail fully cleans the inside of your car. This includes items like:

  • Carpets and mats
  • Upholstery or leather
  • Windows
  • Floorboards
  • Air vents
  • Dashboard, console, and cupholders

The surfaces, as well as the cracks and crevices, will be clean and look good.

Car detailing that includes the interior will cost more than exterior-only. However, you know your car is completely clean and ready to get back on the road.

Finding a Mobile Detailing Company

When you’re ready to find a professional service for mobile detailing, you have several factors to consider. First, compare prices to be sure you’re getting the best value.

The lowest price isn’t necessarily the best company, though. Recommendations from friends or family and online reviews are important to consider as well. A low price won’t make up for poor customer service or damage to your car.

Ask about the cleaning techniques and products each company uses. Look for detailers who use quality products that are as eco-friendly as possible. It’s better for your car and the environment.

If your car needs minor repairs, some detailing companies also offer reconditioning. Interior reconditioning includes services like odor removal and vinyl and leather repair. Exterior reconditioning includes services like headlight restoration and paint touch-ups. 

Finally, ask about a warranty or guarantee on the detailing services. This gives you additional security when you hire a detailer.

Invest in Your Car with Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing is an investment in your car that pays off in many ways. You help keep your vehicle in top working condition longer. Your car looks great, which makes you feel good to drive it. Regular detailing can also boost the resale value of your car.

Now that you know more about mobile detailing, you can start taking advantage of these convenient services.

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