How Do Self-Aligning Tow Bars Work?

How Do Self-Aligning Tow Bars Work?

Towing a car behind an SUV can easily be done with a self-aligning tow bar. Seeing the country by motorhome has become a popular pastime, even in the face of rising gas prices. RVs are a convenient way to get across the country, allowing people to find accommodation anywhere, cook their own meals and go at their own pace. 

The problem that many RV owners have is when they get off the open road and move to a more populated area. RVs take up a lot of space, and while they’re great for long hauls, they’re not suitable for side trips to the store or for navigating the tourist areas of many cities.

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This is why many enthusiasts tow an extra car behind their camper. Having an extra vehicle allows them to park the RV in one area, while still having transportation to local attractions and the supply store, and saves them on gas when they’re just taking a day trip.

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Tow Bars vs Trailers

But towing a car can be difficult. Trailers are expensive, bulky and take up space. This is why tow bars are a popular alternative. A tow bar attaches the vehicle being towed to the RV but allows it to keep all four wheels on the ground. 

The self-aligning tow bars allow users to bring the RV and the vehicle to be towed closer together, then the bars move by themselves into the correct position. Self-aligning tow bars mounted on the car being towed offer a number of advantages and disadvantages over other tow bar systems and towing equipment.

Rules For Towing Motorcycles And ATVs

Towing your motorcycle can be tricky. Practice before taking your trailer out on the road. If you have ever towed a car or boat with another vehicle, forget everything you think you know about towing. 

When it comes to towing motorcycles, experts agree that this is in a class of its own due to the unique technique and safety concerns. Of course, there are considerations that should be taken into consideration at all levels. 

You will want to know what you are doing by practicing driving a towed vehicle in a safe and open place before you hit the road. You will need to know how to load your motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) onto your trailer to make sure the weight is distributed correctly (the rule of thumb is 60% of the weight in front of the trailer axle and 40% behind it).

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Bikes present different towing challenges. Rollover, for example, can be a problem, as motorcycles are on two wheels instead of four. Securing the motorcycle properly so it doesn’t move during transport can also be more challenging than towing a car or ATV on a trailer. Most cars come with factory-installed slots to secure cargo during transport. 

Motorcycles and ATVs, on the other hand, may not have this additional feature. On the other hand, motorcycles and quads must be attached to the saddles and handlebars. This procedure may vary depending on the motorcycle or quad and must be practiced before towing.

How Do Self-Aligning Tow Bars Work?

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