Towing Got Easy - Trailer Towing in Killeen, TEXAS

Towing Got Easy – Trailer Towing in Killeen, TEXAS

Drivers of motor vehicles towing a trailer, when the total laden mass of the vehicle complex is greater than 3.5 tons, are considered to be in a state of intoxication if it has been ascertained a value corresponding to a blood alcohol level higher than zero grams per liter of blood.

It is not true that:

  • the trailer is considered an integral part of the vehicle if it has a mass of up to 3.5 tons (this only applies to the appendage trolley)
  • that the inflation pressure of the tires of the towing vehicle must be the same as that of the tires of the trailer
  • which cannot be coupled to other vehicles
  • that in cars equipped with ABS it is not possible to couple a trailer without a braking system
  • that the presence of parking sensors prevents towing of a trailer
  • if the value of the towable mass is missing from the registration certificate, this means that the vehicle is suitable for towing trailers of any mass
  • while driving, the trailer must have the pivoting wheel down. This device consists of a small wheel, free to move in any direction, it is in fact used for any maneuvers of the trailer when it is not coupled to the tractor and during such maneuvers, it must instead be lowered.

TATS trailers are trailers intended for the Transport of Tourist and Sports Equipment. They are equipped with specific equipment for the transport of tourist and sports equipment (such as boats, gliders, etc.) which must not be an object of trade, but only be used for leisure time. 

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General Regulations

The general regulations applicable to other types of trailers apply to them. Therefore it is not true that it is not mandatory that the towing vehicle is equipped with a right rear-view mirror or that the boats transported can protrude up to 50 centimeters on each side.

Trailer Carrying Animals

For trailers carrying live animals, the general rules for trailers apply. It is not true that the warning light signal must be kept in operation or that trailers for transporting horses (vans) cannot circulate on the motorway. Trailers towed by cars are generally equipped with an inertia brake which comes into action when the trailer, approaching the tractor, exerts a thrust on it. Therefore, the breaking of the trailer does not occur simultaneously (i.e. simultaneously) with the tractor, but only later (a few fractions of a second later).

The driver must bear in mind that the inertia brake, after a prolonged period of inactivity, can lose efficiency due to rust which can damage its components and the braking elements of each individual wheel. The trailer has a safety device (steel cable) which, in the event of accidental uncoupling of the trailer, automatically activates the parking brake.

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When leaving a parked trailer, the parking brake lever must be activated and, in the case of a sloping road, it is advisable to apply stop wedges to the wheels. The towing parts of the vehicle must be type-approved (regardless of the mass of the trailer) and must be kept clean and adequately lubricated.

It is therefore not true that it is advisable to degrease them with detergents or petrol. They must allow sufficient oscillations in the vertical direction between the tractor and the trailer, in order to be able to compensate for the different inclinations of the vehicles due to the differences in road level, but must not show any play, deformation or cracks. In case of breakage, they cannot be repaired by welding but must be replaced.

When the tow hitch is not used, because a trailer is not being towed, its part protruding from the rear shape of the vehicle must be removed, disassembled or folded. In the event that the trailer remains inactive for a long time, it is advisable, if possible, to keep the tires off the ground, applying special supports under the frame. If it is not possible to lift it from the ground, it is advisable to increase the inflation pressure of the tires and periodically change their contact surface, in order to avoid their ovalization (deformation).

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When in use, trailers must be insured under the same policy as the tractor. When they are detached from the tractor, they must have a separate insurance cover, which applies to the static risk (when stationary). In built-up areas, the driver must not leave a trailer detached from the tractor parked, unless otherwise indicated.

There is an annual inspection obligation for trailers with a mass of over 3.5 tonnes. It is not true that trailers need to be periodically inspected together with the towing vehicle. On the contrary, for an appendage truck, the periodic inspection must be carried out at the same time as the vehicle for which it was registered in the registration certificate as an integral part.

Towing Got Easy – Trailer Towing in Killeen, TEXAS

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