Summer car care tips

Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Car With Changing Weather

Your car has to be your best mate. When you wish to go on a road trip with family or look to complete your daily chores, your car has to be in perfect condition so there isn’t any inconvenience.

Summer Car Care Tips

But as the weather changes, there are certain things which you shouldn’t neglect about your car. Summer is around the corner, and this season is longer as compared to winter. Moreover, the weather can be extreme.

So here are some exciting yet easily manageable tips for maintaining your car before the summer starts.

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1. Check On The Tires

As summer knocks on the door, you must ensure to check your car’s tires as they are directly in contact with the roads.

The heat gets directly to the rubber, and it reduces the tire pressure. Therefore, when monitoring the air pressure, you should search for indications that your tires are under or overinflated. The typical tire pressure for passenger cars is between 30 and 35 PSI (pounds per square inch).

When in doubt, consult your car’s manual to determine the precise range for your recommended tire pressure and we always suggest you to visit KMJ TIRE to avoid tire problems. You must not forget to check on the spare tire because, in case of an emergency, the spare tire should be ready at your service.

2. Keep The A/C In The Best Working Condition

The high temperature in summer can really get to you. So to manage the heat, air-conditioning in your car should be working at its best. So that you don’t feel uncomfortable while going around in your favorite car.

During winter or spring, it is obvious that you don’t use the ac, and it might get out of order. Therefore, ensure its maintenance before the season starts.

As you will use the ac regularly irrespective of the time of the day, you should also keep an eye on how the ac works. Continuous use might compromise its performance. So if you feel some difference, you must get it checked by your mechanic.

3. Take Care Of The Filters

The air filters in your car play a crucial function, especially during the summer. They prevent pollutants from entering the vents, which is essential in the summer or during pollen-heavy seasons.

Also, utilizing an outdated filter may cause issues with your air conditioning system.

It is recommended by experts depending upon your car, that you should drive your car to a certain distance and then change the filters.

Such minor maintenance hacks make your car more reliable, and you can easily move around while enjoying the drive.

Summer Car Care Tips

4. Protect The Car From Sun

It sounds a bit unreal to protect the car from the sun as you are supposed to be on the road.

But it is referred to as you should park your car in the shade and also use the best car seat covers for hot weather. These tactics are used to keep your car safe, and when you sit in the car, the inside temperature of your car is manageable.

Furthermore, your car’s exterior and paint could be harmed by the sun’s rays, which could be expensive to repair. Excessive heat may also cause your car’s steering wheel to heat up, making it difficult to drive.

5. Examine The Brakes

Brakes are the most crucial to keep yourself safe while traveling.

So when you get out of the severe winter, it’s crucial to keep an eye on how well your car’s brakes are working. Since you depend on your brakes every time you drive, it’s a good idea to perform routine brake inspections all year long, not just during the summer.

Examine the brakes thoroughly, including the brake oil, so that the performance should be extraordinary even if you are going fast on the highways.

6. Try To Keep The Engine Cool

Overheating of cars is a major concern in summer. So to manage overheating concerns, every car includes a cooling system that removes heat from the engine to keep interior temperatures within range. The cooling system comprises the coolant, hoses, thermostat, radiator, and water pump.

Your car’s temperature gauge, which measures the coolant levels, will let you know whether the coolant in your engine is cold, normal, or overheated.

Your vehicle may be overheating if the temperature gauge shows high readings. Pull over and wait for your engine to cool down if this occurs. It’s essential to get in touch with your mechanic straight away to have the issue fixed because it’s a significant one.


Maintaining your vehicle is an ongoing process, and it should be done on a priority basis to keep yourself out of some inconvenient moments.

Extreme weather can bother your car with different problems. So if you wish to keep your car in perfect condition, apply the tips so that you enjoy your drive with no stoppages.

Summer Car Care Tips

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