Must Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip

Must Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip


When leaves turn orange and pumpkin spice appears, you know it finally falls — and that means it’s road trip season. Whether you plan to hit the open road with a loved one or enjoy your journey solo, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the expedition. You’ll likely get an oil change, schedule a tune-up, and perhaps even splurge on detailing. Most importantly, though, you need to invest in the right pre-road trip upgrades. If your tires, suspension, and wheels aren’t ready for the road, you’ll find yourself struggling — or in a worst-case scenario, stranded. The following upgrades will ensure you’re ready to ride.

New Tires

New tires can completely transform your truck. If you’ve been driving on old, worn-out tires, it’s time to put them to rest and invest in new tire and wheel packages. In addition to the aesthetic upgrade this will provide, new tires are an essential safety investment for your upcoming road trip. You need tires with a fresh tread and plenty of traction, and you also need tires that will offer optimal comfort as you spend hours behind the wheel. You can enjoy both of these benefits and take advantage of a smoother ride when you opt for a new set of tires for your truck.

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Must Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip
Must-Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip

Selections like the Mickey Thompson Classic III can also offer better performance on the road. When your tires are worn, it will take longer to achieve a full stop, and it may be more difficult to turn at certain speeds, too. You’ll also see less-than-optimal gas mileage, which can be a major expense when you’re planning to drive for hundreds of miles at a time. The unworn, even tread of new tires allows your truck to achieve traction more easily — and this, in turn, maximizes the gas mileage that the engine can achieve.

Suspension Kits

Before you head out on your fall road trip, you should also consider investing in suspension kits for trucks. Lifted suspensions are most commonly associated with aesthetics and off-roading, but this can be a functionally beneficial modification for a road trip, too. Indeed, when you tune your truck’s suspension, you can customize how the ride feels — how stiff or how soft it is, for example. If you’re going to be driving for long periods of time, it’s essential that you be comfortable doing so. A suspension upgrade can ensure that your ride is tailored to you.

Must Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip
Must Have Upgrades for Your Fall 2022 Road Trip

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An upgraded suspension can also benefit your truck’s safety on the road — especially if you opt for increased clearance. Even if you plan to stick to highways and surface streets, you never know when you might be routed to unpaved terrain. A lifted suspension will help you handle this by preventing contact with any debris, including rocks, that may be on the road. The result is a safer and more comfortable ride — and a lift kit makes it simple to do it yourself. Prepare for road trip season with the top tires and lift kits for your truck.

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