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How to Transport a Car Without Damage?

If you have a long-distance move coming up, you may wonder what to do with your car. It seems most convenient to drive it, but several things could make that a risky move. 

The other option is to entrust a car transport service to ship your vehicle to you. However, it’s hard to transport a car safely. You may wonder how car shipping companies can transport a car without it becoming damaged.

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explore how to transport a car without damaging it in the guide below. 

Using a Closed Container to Transport a Car

A closed container is the safest option for transporting a vehicle. This way, the car transport service loads your automobile into a single enclosed transport container.

From there, the service will throw a wrap over your car and keep it tied in place. This way, you can avoid the car scraping against the walls. You can learn more about the best car wraps from this link.

Closed containers offer several benefits. These options can protect your vehicle from the elements, including freezing rain, hail, and other inclement conditions. Likewise, the container can shield your vehicle from flying debris and bouncing rocks on the road. 

However, there are downsides to this option. The cost to transport a car in a closed container is significantly higher than open transport options. 

Using an Open Carrier to Transport a Car

Transporting a car in a closed container is the safest method for car transport. However, if you want to know how to transport a car cheaply, you’ll have to rely on an open carrier.

Open carrier cars transport is a much more common method for car transportation. It’s more affordable, and it often yields excellent results.

Open carrier transport also has several options. You can find transport services that carry your cars by itself on a single trailer.

Alternatively, you could also find vehicles that store up to ten cars and haul them over long distances. Either option can keep your car safe from road hazards. 

What if Damages Do Occur?

No transportation method for vehicles is free from risk. Your open cars transport may suffer damages from a hailstorm. A bad wreck could damage your car inside an enclosed carrier. 

So, what happens if your vehicle suffers damage in the middle of transport? Do those expenses come out of your pocket?

Fortunately, the answer to this is no. The law requires your cars transport service to provide full protection from damages.

So, when you choose a car transport company, you’ll also purchase insurance. This insurance can cover whatever vehicle damages occur during transport. Please note, however, that this insurance is usually a formality.

Find a Car Transport Service Today!

Hopefully, you now understand better how to transport a car without damage. Various companies offer different protections for your vehicle. 

So, find a company that meets your budget! From there, wait to have your car shipped to its new location.

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