Guide to Battery Reserve Capacity

5 Pro Tips for Installing Your New Car Battery

Do you need a new car battery?

1. Safety First

You’re dealing with electricity as you work on a car battery. Rubber gloves aren’t unnecessary, but they give some insulation from possible electricity.

When installing a new car battery, remember the cable arrangement. Never swap the battery cables and posts. Otherwise, you might end up in the hospital.

Before removing the bad car battery, check its current state. If it’s leaking or it sustained some damage, stop. Call the nearest auto repair shop and let them handle the job.

2. Gather All Necessary Tools

After ensuring your safety, get tools to ensure your failing car battery replacement goes smoothly. The most important among these is a wrench. If you have a socket wrench, you can also use it.

Get a battery tester and the replacement battery ready. You need a flat surface to finish the replacement job. Fortunately, your garage floor or driveway are great choices.

Before changing your car battery, check its reserve capacity. It determines whether it’s time to replace it. Check this Guide to Battery Reserve Capacity for more information.

3. Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Organize your tools to ensure everything is within reach. It saves you a lot of hours searching for your 10mm socket. You won’t waste time grabbing parts from the other side of your garage.

To make your car replacement easier, open the car hood. Put your replacement battery nearby. It must be close to your wrenches and sockets.

4. Remove the Old Battery

The proper way of removing the old battery is to start with the negative cable. Remove it from the negative terminal. Depending on your battery design, use the wrench to loosen it.

After that, do the same with the positive cable. If you use a wrench, never let the metal touch the terminal, or it will spark.

Loosen any fasteners securing the battery before lifting it out. The battery weight is over 50 pounds. Get help if you can’t handle the weight.

5. Add the New Battery

Before adding the new car battery, remove dirt and debris from the clamps. Clean the terminals using a skinny wire brush with water or baking soda.

Place the new battery into the holder and secure it. Reconnect the positive terminal before its negative counterpart. Test the car to determine whether the installation succeeded.

Get a New Car Battery Now

These are some professional tips to install a new car battery. Never let the lack of knowledge stop you from fixing your car. Use these to ensure your replacement project succeeds.

However, not all car projects are possible through DIY. Learn when to call for professional help to avoid risks.

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