How to Import a Car from Japan?

Did You Know Japan Car Import Complete Process 2021

How to Import a Car from Japan?

How to import a car from japan? We have seen the exponential growth in japan car imported from the last few years. Japan has become the most popular car import country where cars are available at minimum range to a maximum range of prices. The easy and trusted policy of Japanese car import develops the trust of consumers and sure them about the vehicle condition. One of the best advantages of a Japanese car you can check the vehicle old condition by its chassis id.

In Japan auction houses are located for buying and selling vehicles and almost all offer online auto auction systems to make buying cars online easy. Japan auction houses offer a wide range of cars variety in which used cars, brand new cars, damaged cars, and low mileage cars are available at different ranges of price. Japan offers an open friendly environment to buy a car and import in your country.

Japanese Car Import Process (2021)

how to import a car from japan?
How to import a car from japan?

Before choosing a car from a Japanese car auction house you need to know the import car regulations of your country. After collecting the complete information regarding customs duty and other required documents that are important to import a car in your country you can easily select the car from the auction house. 

Step 1

The first step is to identify your budget and set the budget you can spend on a car.

Step 2

Collect information about the car you want to import from Japan. Select color, model, check the specification and features available in the car that you want in your car.

Step 3

Check the car from an online auto auction some of the required licenses to check all the stock of auction houses. You can also contact import car agents near you because they have a license of auction houses.

Step 4

Auction houses mention the auction start date. You need to participate in the online auction to win the car at your price range. People from different countries participate in the online auction and offer a different price to win the car. You can also select the maximum range to get the vehicle.

Step 5

After winning the bid auction house will send you a confirmation email that you have successfully won the car. After receiving the email within 5 working days you must pay the amount of the vehicle to the auction house.

Step 6

The auction house or your agent checks the shipment which comes earlier in your country and is booked for your car. Freight charges are expected then the car price. You need to pay freight charges separately to the shipment company.

Step 7

When a shipment reaches your country port you can clear the car by paying its customs duty and complete all other required processes.

Auction House Process of Vehicle Export Confirmation

Here is the process of how the auction house confirms your imported car and which documents they will send you for confirmation of your vehicle export from Japan.

  •  Select a car from used car auctions
  • Send the stock number of your selected car to the auction house with full name, complete address, and telephone number by email.
  • Auction house will issue the proforma invoice with account details for sending payment of vehicle to auction house’s Japan account.
  • After receiving the payment auction house will send you an official receipt of the vehicle owner.
  • 5 working days required for the last inspection of the vehicle.
  • After the inspection process auction house will send the vehicle to the shipment agent they will ship your vehicle from Japan.
  • Auction house will send you an original bill of landing and other documents by DHL post.
  • Shipment date and other information about the shipment office of your country like telephone and address mention on the documents that are the final document sent by the auction house. You can contact your country’s port to confirm the landing date of your vehicle.

Benefits of Auction House Purchase Cars

Buying a car from an auction house means you have to select a safe place for buying a car. Auction houses offer all types of cars in which accidentals cars are included. Auction houses offer true pictures and inspection report with the vehicle and make easy for buyers to select a car. Here are the benefits if you buy a car from an auction house:

  • You can get its auction sheet verification report.
  • You can select a dream car from huge stock.
  • The resale value of auction house cars is high.
  • A huge variety of cars available in auction houses.
  • You can find a car in your price range.
  • You can check auction house stock online.
  • The online bidding system is fair.
  • You can find a vehicle at a very cheap price from an auction house.


Auction house purchase vehicles are secured because the seller can show its auction sheet report and get a good amount from the buyer. However, auction house imported cars are beneficial but before buying a car from Japan you should know the rules of the imported car of your country. Because once you buy a vehicle from the auction house and pay the amount it cannot be refundable. 

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Did You Know Japan Car Import Complete Process? (2021)

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