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Automotive Scanner | An Efficient Diagnosis Of Your Car

Automotive Scanner | An Efficient Diagnosis Of Your Car: It has specific software that establishes the connection between the device and the fuel injection systems. Thus, with access to information about the situation of a vehicle’s system and its fault history, the professional can know if the vehicle’s sensors are working within the manufacturer’s parameters, in addition to being able to establish a correction.

All information is displayed on display, where the professional using the device can coordinate fault tests and actuator tests. There are devices capable of establishing diagnoses for both cars and motorcycles and vans, pick-ups, trucks, and buses. The automotive scanner can also correct reading errors and “reset” the system to set up new injection and ignition advance strategies.

The automotive scanner is a device used to detect problems in the electronic injection system of cars. It can identify the vehicle’s operational parameters and correct any failures in real-time. Currently, the car scanner is an indispensable tool for any mechanic since, increasingly, vehicles have electronic modules that need to be accessed somehow.

Communication with these modules is carried out through the scanner software that tracks all vehicle points, generating computerized codes and relating these codes to problems.

How does the automotive scanner work?

How does the automotive scanner work?
How does the automotive scanner work?

When connected to the car, the automotive scanner receives system information and fault history. With this, the mechanic who operates the device can know if the vehicle’s sensors are working correctly and correct them, including through the scanner itself.

In addition to identifying the problem, the automotive scanner can inform which part is affected and read the entire car when analyzing:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Air and water temperature
  • Battery charge
  • The water level in the radiator
  • Distance covered
  • Car temperature and
  • Vehicle rotation.

The car scanner usually uses a plug called OBD or OBD II on newer models. The acronym OBD stands for “On-boarding-diagnostics,” which means on-board diagnostics. All cars manufactured in Brazil since 2010 already leave the factory with this plug installed.

It is a complement to the automotive scanner and facilitates the capture of more accurate information about the vehicle’s operation.

What is the best automotive scanner?

There are several models of car scanners on the market, both from domestic and imported brands.
Therefore, it is up to the mechanic to first understand his workshop’s main demands and then decide on the scanner that best fits the profile of his customers.

The main manufacturers in the market offer extensive coverage of the national fleet. Today, several automotive scanners are on the market with access to several manufacturers of imported and national vehicles.

Brands such as Tecnomotor, Alfatest, and Bosh operate on a global platform and have more than 150 automakers available, in addition to more than 230 thousand different car configurations. Most modern automotive scanners even have Bluetooth technology built into their systems.

Generally, scanner manufacturers offer mechanic training on using the device, plus a warranty of at least one year.

Difference between Automotive scanner and Error code reader

Like the vehicle scanner, the error code reader is also an automotive diagnostic tool. However, it operates more simply.

Basically, as the name implies, the error code reader is just a code reading device and does not allow the flow of data for tests in the vehicle, thus becoming a minimal tool. Also, as it’s a trend of dodge cars, you may like, which can help you choose from the best obd2 scanner tools for dodge.

The automotive scanner, designed for use in modern auto repair shops, allows for a more detailed diagnosis, establishing contact with the car’s systems and sending signals to the sensors, which allows for more complete tests and reports.

Most common problems identified by the automotive scanner

Unfortunately, due to poor fuel quality in Brazil, the scanner’s most common problems are engine failures and difficulties in starting the car.
Adulterated gasoline is responsible for damage caused to the spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and idling actuator.

So it is worth the visit to your trusted auto repair shop to have the car serviced annually, as the sooner you identify the problem, the less damage will be done to your car and the damage to your pocket.

Error code reader x Automotive scanner

The error code reader is a device that also serves for automotive diagnostics, being cheaper than the scanner and having some limitations in its functionality: it does not make two-way communication with the vehicle; it only informs the error codes. Through them, the mechanic must identify the problem and carry out maintenance. On the other hand, the scanner has this bilateral communication, which allows detailed reports and access and control supplementary systems, such as ABS and traction control.

To better understand the functioning of both: the reader informs, for example, why the injection light is on, but only the scanner will be able to go further, informing all the data and errors registered in the memory. As with any technological device, automotive diagnostic tools have also adapted and started to be integrated with smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, via cables, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

Why make a diagnosis?

The most recent and modern cars have a much greater integration between electronics and mechanics. So, that light on the panel will probably be something that can be left for later. See why performing a diagnosis in advance is so important for your pocket and even for your safety.

Vehicle life

A car defect is the equivalent of a disease: if it is not treated soon, it spreads quickly through the body. That little problem that seems silly – a noise, a “slight” misalignment, any little thing apparently unimportant – can result in costly wear. It is straightforward to avoid all this by already making the diagnosis and taking care of what is necessary; after all, as well as with our body, prevention is better than cure.

Time maintenance

Imagine how long you will need to leave your car at the garage every time you have to fix something. The automotive scanner will save you a lot of time, especially the one that would be spent looking for the reason for the defect (believe me, this is the most difficult and complex part of this type of service).

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Automotive Scanner | An Efficient Diagnosis Of Your Car

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