What to Check for When Buying a Used Car? | Inspecting a Used Car

What to Check for When Buying a Used Car? | Inspecting a Used Car

Warning Signs to Watch Out for When Buying Used Cars

What to Check for When Buying a Used Car? | Inspecting a Used Car: Buying a car in itself is quite the task. But when it comes to buying pre-owned cars in Dubai, the worry increases. There is a lot of stress of checking everything and ensuring all is functioning properly.

When you buy a new car, you are free from any reservations as you have bought a brand-new car. However, with a second-hand car dealer, the trust is barely there. One cannot help but be skeptical.

Inspecting a Used Car (Buying Guide)

Here are a few warning signs for you that you need to watch out for while you are shopping for a second-hand car. Find any of these, and you need to make a quick exit.

The Seller Not Allowing Test Drive

Never buy a pre-owned car without taking it on a test drive first, even if the seller has informed you of the vehicle’s faults. The scenario would be different if the seller says the car is a non-runner. But do not let the seller convince you into not taking it for a test drive. See that you are insured and then take the car onto the road for a test drive.

Weird Noises and Sounds

Machines make sounds. But, when the car begins to make weird creaking, squeaking, or groaning sounds, something is off. So, keep your ears out for any strange sounds like this when you take the car out for a test drive.

Wrong Chassis Number

Most of the cars come with a 17-digit chassis number or VIN that stands for Vehicle Identity Number. It is usually located at the base of the windscreen on the passenger side. If the numbers do not match with the registration document, something is wrong. Chances are that you are inspecting a stolen car. The VIN has to be the same in both places.

Having One Key Only

Cars usually come with two keys. In some cases, even a third one, called the master key. If you get only one key, you may face a lot of problems in the future if you lose it. Not to mention the extra cost that comes with the reprogramming of the car.

Poor Fitting of Panel

Automation has made its way into every industry. Nowadays, robots build cars with laser-guided accuracy. So, any gaps between the panels are tightly fit and even. If not, it means that the car was repaired. And often the repairs made are wobbly that are usually present in the bonnet, bumper, and wings. As well as the rear of the car (rear wings, boot lid/hatch).

Missing Documents

Vehicle Registration Documents are extremely important. Even if you lose them, the process of getting a replacement is quite easy. These documents tell you about the registered keeper of the vehicle. Not the owner, necessarily. They also contain important information that can help you with the identification of the car. 

No Record of Service History

Cars, like any machine, need to be taken care of. Also, a proper record for maintenance has to be kept. If there is no evidence of any service history, be alert. It is through a service history you get to verify the recorded mileage as well.

Wrapping up, these are the warning signs you should pay attention to while considering cars for sale in Dubai. This will prevent you from any scams or fraud in the best way possible.

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What to Check for When Buying a Used Car? | Inspecting a Used Car

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