Bugatti Bolide

Bugatti Bolide | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)

Overview of Bugatti Bolide

A very warm welcome to the one reading this article at Firespeedy. This article will be very special for Bugatti fans like me. Today we will explore another latest invention of Bugatti that is Bugatti Bolide.

Specifications of Bugatti Bolide

Bugatti Bolide is a light weight sports car that comprises of a 16 cylinder engine, beautiful concept, innovation and technical skills.

It uses the W16 V8 engine with a few advanced modifications made to achieve the highest performance levels. Although the modifications are small in number these are very effective in reaching the car at the utmost performance level.

For example auxiliary shaft used in the car is made up of carbon fibre with titanium fittings. It’s half the weight of alike parts but twice as strong as the other one. Other example is of the push rod. Push Rod is the part of double wishbone front suspensions. It is incredible because it weighs just 100 grams.

Aerodynamics dynamics plays the major role in achieving the high speeds by reducing aerodynamics stresses.

Performance of Bugatti Bolide

0-100 km/h2.17 seconds
0-200 km/h4.36 seconds
0-300 km/h7.37 seconds
0-400 km/h12.08 seconds
0-500 km/h20.16 seconds
0-400-0 km/h24.64 seconds
0-500-0 km/h33.62 seconds

Bugatti Bolide accelerates at a very rapid rate as compared to other sports cars. The super sports car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.17 seconds (0.23 seconds faster than Bugatti Chiron). It accelates from 0-200km/h in 4.36 seconds, 0-300 km/h in 7.37 seconds, 0-400 km/h in 12.08 seconds and 0-500 km/h in 20.16 seconds.

This super hyper car accelerates from 0-400 km/h and deaccelerates back to 0 km/h in 24.64 seconds and 0-500-0 km/h in 33.62 seconds.

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Bugatti Bolide | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)

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