Where Can I Find Affordable Ford Escape Transmission Replacements?

Where Can I Find Affordable Ford Escape Transmission Replacements?

Transmissions are critical components in any vehicle. Without them, there’s no way you’re moving your wheels. And since they’re sophisticated assemblies with many parts, it’s no surprise that they can cost a lot. But how can you get a replacement without paying through the nose? Whether you need a 2008 Ford Escape transmission or replacements for another model year, you’ll want to keep reading. This write-up explains what you should know about finding an affordable complete transmission system.

Ford Escape Transmissions

Your Ford Escape either has an automatic or manual transmission. They both perform the same job, which is to convey rotational energy to the vehicle’s wheels and apply power with speed as needed. However, the two transmission styles use different ways to accomplish the same goals.

Transmissions use gears to apply the appropriate balance of power and speed. Typically, you use lower gears when climbing hills or on slick roads. Higher gears are usually best on the freeway. Manual transmissions existed first, requiring the driver to shift gears on their own. Manual transmission vehicles are equipped with clutches, which must be engaged to change gears.

Automatic transmissions do all the work that drivers must perform with manual transmissions. Instead of repeatedly shifting gears while driving, the driver can simply let the automatic transmission do the shifting to accommodate road conditions and power requirements.

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Ford Escape Transmissions Can Be Affordable

You may have heard that transmissions can cost between $1,500 and $3,500. Add in labor costs and you could be looking at a repair bill of $5,000 or more. Even the parts themselves are a little pricey, but experienced DIYers who are skilled enough to do at-home replacements can save a little money. For instance, you can find a 2013 Ford Escape transmission between $2,000 and $3,600. Higher-end models could run you up to $5,000 alone, but they’re the exception and not the rule.

Before you jump headfirst into a DIY transmission replacement, you should consider the time and tools involved. An average replacement can take one to four days, depending on how much time you can devote to the project each day. You’ll need at least one person to assist — someone capable of helping you lift between 100 and 400 pounds.

Some basic tools are also required, but you may already have these. A replacement calls for a hydraulic floor jack with jack stand plus wrench set and a socket set with extensions. Don’t forget to grab some containers for the nuts and bolts you remove in the process: Be sure to label these so you know which pieces are supposed to go in certain places as you install the new transmission.

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Where To Find Lower-Priced Transmissions

So now that you’ve read about affordable Ford Escape transmissions, where can you buy one? Check your aftermarket auto parts and accessories retailer. Locating one that fits your model year is as easy as entering your vehicle’s specs and performing a simple search. With convenient online ordering and in-store pickup, you can speed up the job and get your Escape back on the road.

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