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How Long Can A Car Engine Last?


It is difficult or almost impossible to say exactly how long the car engine will last. The durability of auto parts, including engine life, depends on many different factors. Once you understand the factors that affect the life of an engine, you can better estimate its potential life.

The service life of auto parts is difficult to predict. In some cases, new car parts can be damaged. At other times, auto parts can also last forever. If you are lucky enough to have a good engine and keep it in good condition, it can travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Since there is so much information about car parts, the only information that is not displayed on the car parts box is how long a given component will last. Although much information about auto parts gives general information about the service life of a particular part, the durability of that part actually depends on many factors, such as its durability, the amount of misuse it takes and its effectiveness.

The nominal range of most engines used on roads today is over 100,000 miles. If the engine is not used properly and all the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer has been performed by the expiration date, the life of the engine will be extended. While waiting for repairs, all repairs should be performed as soon as possible without bringing damage to the engine. With good engine maintenance, most manufacturers will use it for a long time. Some engine manufacturers produce low quality engine parts or materials and they are well maintained, but these engines may not have a long life.

Factors that contribute to engine’s long lasting life

There are several factors that affect engine life. In some cases, engines in residential areas may wear out faster. For example, if you live on a steep slope or often traverse uneven terrain, this will put more pressure on the engine and will not last as long as you normally would when driving on a flat, smooth surfaced street.

The type of vehicle is also an important factor. Generally, the service life of heavy trucks is less than that of small cars. In addition, your efforts to protect the vehicle will have a huge impact on your expectations. If you do good maintenance on time and take your car for service, you most certainly get a good life of your car and its engine.

How To Extend Car Lifespan?

Now that you know what brings damage to a car engine, let’s talk about how to extend its lifespan.


Take your car to the mechanical repair center for regular maintenance. This is the key idea for your vehicle’s long-term use. Frequent maintenance can solve problems in time, thereby reducing costs and extending engine life. Only a good mechanic with good knowledge can understand your car problems. They are experienced professionals who basically can provide you with all services from gearbox repair to routine maintenance and also offer used car sale online. No matter what kind of service you need to provide for overseas vehicles, they are always ready to help you.

Second, you must be careful when driving, because the way you drive the car affects the car’s engine. Activities such as moving heavy objects, repeated over-speeding and instant braking, the engine crossing the red line or driving at maximum speed for a long time will shorten the engine life. Therefore, avoid rough roads and drive carefully to prolong its service life.

Choosing a good mechanic

A good mechanic is worth money. Today’s cars are very complex and contain computers and electronic components that must be handled by only experienced professionals. Look for someone who has a work certificate for your car. These are just a few things you can increase the distance traveled by the vehicle, so you don’t have to doubt how many miles it has or how long your engine lasts.

Fix small problems quickly

Fix minor engine problems immediately instead of driving thousands of kilometers with the indicator light on. If it is not fixed in time, even the smallest engine problem can be exacerbated. With this in mind, if you notice any strange sounds, strange lights or strange symptoms while driving, please contact your mechanic and get it fixed.

Clean your engine annually

Car engines should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. Since dust and debris will heat the engine, this nausea layer will put additional stress on your vehicle system and may cause the engine to overheat and a longer service life. Adding nozzle cleaner is a good way to resist the accumulation of dust and soot.


Most car users always want to know how long the engine can last. Generally, the average vehicle life of a new model is 8 to 9 years, or even 10 years. However, the estimate of this number depends on many factors, such as engine quality, your driving style or vehicle maintenance.

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