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5 Jeep Customization Ideas That’ll Make Others Want Your Ride

The jeep has been around for a while. One look at it and you can tell it’s old-school, bad-ass, and just as American as Levi jeans or apple pie. If you’ve bought a jeep, you’ve made a statement about who you are, and what sort of cars you like to drive. 

But have you considered jeep customization? 

While the jeep is a wonderful old-school option, there are many jeep customization ideas out there to help you break away from the pack. This article will walk you through a couple of custom keep ideas, to make sure you’re riding with your own individual style. 

1. Custom Bumpers

If you’re looking for ways to customize, there’s no better place to start than custom jeep bumper ideas. You can buy yourself an aftermarket bumper to make your jeep look more intimidating, generally cooler, and improve its off-road capabilities. 

You can also buy yourself many decals and bumper stickers; the customization never stops. 

2. Custom Plates

If custom bumpers aren’t enough to satisfy you, consider going for some custom plate ideas.

Consider changing your plate to your nickname, birthday, or simply a joke that will make people on the road smile. You can also coordinate your custom plate with decals and bumper stickers, for the ultimate aesthetic experience.

3. Paint Customization 

One of the easiest ways to customize is jeep wrangler paint customization. You can either get yourself a design painted on to your jeep, like flames or other intricate patterns, or you can completely change the color of your jeep. 

Many people achieve awesome effects by painting their jeeps vibrant shades of electric blue, purple, and even pink. 

Check out this new website with great customer service that we found, called Left Hand Garage. They’ll surely help you out with all of your jeep customization needs. 

4. Flags 

In addition to custom jeep addition ideas, you can also use a flag as an easily removably aesthetic enhancement to your car. 

Jeep flags stick up out of the back of the vehicle and let the flag wave proud. Consider hanging an American flag (to show your patriotism), a service flag (to support the troops), or another custom flag of your choosing.

5. Custom Tire Cover

One of the most unique features of a jeep is the spare tire on the back. Many manufacturers out there sell custom jeep tire covers. These range from humorous, to sports-related, to practical. 

Jeep Customization Ideas

No matter who you are, riding in a jeep will help you stand out from other riders on the road. But how do you distinguish yourself from other jeep owners? 

There are many jeep customization ideas out there to help you ride in style while staying pragmatic. Consider custom bumpers, custom plates, paint customization, flags, and custom tire covers, and you can do no wrong. You can also visit Gorilla Kustoms for more ideas.

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