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New Drivers: 5 Best Cars for Teen Drivers

Are you getting ready to toss a set of car keys to a teen driver for the very first time? If so, you’re probably worried about which vehicle would be best for them. Many parents find themselves asking the question, “Which cars should teens drive?” when their kids first get their licenses. They want to make sure that they set them up with the best cars for teen drivers.

More often than not, used cars are a much better option than new ones for teen drivers. They’re cheaper to insure and easier to fix up or replace in the event of an accident.

But you shouldn’t just choose any used car and run with it for the teen driver in your life. Instead, you should find out more about the best cars for teen drivers in 2021. You should also sit your kids down and talk with them about some of the top driving tips for teens.

Here are the five best cars for teen drivers right now.

1. Mazda 3

Oftentimes, parents make the mistake of thinking that bigger is always better when it comes to buying cars for teen drivers. But this isn’t always the case!

Smaller cars, like the Mazda 3, don’t have as many distractions in them as larger ones. This will make it easier for teen drivers to focus on the road ahead of them instead of constantly fidgeting around with things inside of their cars.

The Mazda 3 is also a very affordable car that isn’t going to break the bank for teen drivers or their parents. 2012 and 2013 Mazda 3s, in particular, can be had for right around $6,000 in most cases. When you get a quote for car insurance for them, you’ll also find that they’re not going to cost an arm and a leg to insure.

This makes the Mazda 3 one of the best cars for teen drivers.

2. Toyota Prius

Before a teen driver can head out on the highway for the first time, they’re going to need more than just a car. They’re also going to need to have a tank full of gas—and they’re going to need to be able to keep that tank filled up all the time.

If you’re worried about your teenager being able to pay for gas, the Toyota Prius might be a great option for them. It’s a hybrid car that should be able to provide your child with excellent gas mileage right from the very beginning.

You might be under the impression that a Prius is going to be out of your price range. But a 2011, 2012, or even 2013 Prius is only going to cost you slightly more than a Mazda 3. And it’ll be well worth the investment once you see first-hand how good it is on gas.

3. Honda Accord

When you buy a used car for a teen driver, you’re going to be at least a little bit concerned about the maintenance that they’ll have to do to it. Most teen drivers can’t afford to be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on car repairs.

There are certain car brands that manufacture vehicles that are cheaper to maintain than others. Honda is a fantastic example of this, as you’ll only have to spend about $400 per year to keep a Honda up and running.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t be shy about checking out some of the different vehicles that Honda has to offer. Something like a 2012 Accord might be perfect for your teen driver.

4. Hyundai Tucson

Would you feel better about sending a teen driver out into the world in an SUV as opposed to a car? There are many parents who like the safety that SUVs can provide.

The problem, of course, is that most SUVs aren’t cheap. You’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on something like an Acura RDX.

A 2012 Hyundai Tucson might fit right into your budget, though. Most of the Tucsons from this model year are going for around $7,000 these days, which is way less than you’ll pay for comparable SUVs.

5. Ford Edge

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more than $7,000 on an SUV for a teen driver, the Ford Edge is another solid option that isn’t going to put too big of a dent in your bank account. A 2014 or 2015 Edge is going to come in at right around $11,000.

It’s going to include many of the same features that you’ll find in an SUV like the Tucson. It’s also going to have a lot of the latest technological features inside that your teen driver will love.

Bonus: Toyota Sienna

You probably didn’t expect to find a minivan on this list of the best cars for teen drivers. But hear us out!

While teen drivers might not be enamored with the idea of driving around in a minivan, a 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 Toyota Sienna might be a better option than they realize. It’s good on gas, very spacious inside, and easy to maintain.

Most of the Siennas from these model years also go for just over $8,000. They’ll provide you with all of the safety and comfort that you’ll get from an SUV without breaking the bank. What could be better than that for teen drivers?

Purchase One of the Best Cars for Teen Drivers Today

There are so many great cars for teen drivers out on the road today. The ones listed here are just some of the best cars for teen drivers.

When you’re in the market for a vehicle for a teen driver, you should keep safety in mind first and foremost. But you should also check out how much it’s going to cost to maintain vehicles made by different car brands.

By factoring these things into the equation, you should be able to stumble upon a vehicle for your teen driver in no time at all. It’ll be something that you both love equally in the end.

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