Gordon Murray T50

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar | Speed, Price, Records, Specifications

Overview of Gordon Murray T50

T.50 is an upcoming supercar and Gordon Murray’s first-ever supercar. This hypercar is successor and an advanced version of Mclaren F1.

The most interesting thing about this supercar is where does the driver sits?

Why is this car named T50? The reason is that Gordon Murray has been working for 50 years in the automotive field.

Specifications of Gordon Murray T50

And another special thing about the hypercar is the backside of the car. A 40 centimeters fan is located at the middle of the back of the car. The fan is not hidden, it’s fully visible.


Gordon Murray T.50 is powered by the lightest V12 engine ever made that generates 650 horsepower. This V12 engine is also the highest revving engine ever made in a road car that strikes massive 12100 Rpm. Really I am eager to hear the sound of the V12 engine and you might also be waiting to listen it.

You might be wondering, what is the use of a fan? What the f**k is that? It’s cool and looks great and reveals an unique design.

Other specifications

This fan not looks good but is a functional element that plays an important role in reducing aerodynamic stress. It adds an additional 50 horsepower to the car. People would, wow! what is that? It looks like that of a jet which bursts out flames. But it is a fan that just rotates…lol.

Mclaren F1 also has fans but they were hidden.

Performance of Gordon Murray T50

Production of Gordon Murray T.50

Gordon Murray spent 18 months to design this car.

He limited the production of Gordon Murray’s T50 to just 100 cars and this car would cost more than 3 million dollars per unit.

Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar | Speed, Price, Records, Specifications

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