What size floor jack for Suburban

What size floor jack for Suburban


  • What size floor jack for Suburban?
  • What is the best lift height for my Suburban?
  • How high does my jacking point need to be on my Suburban?
  • What are the different types of floor jacks, and how do I operate them?

These are just some of the questions you may have when considering getting a floor jack for your suburban. The information below will hopefully help answer these questions to choose which one is best for you.

So, what size floor jack for Suburban should I get???? Many factors go into this question, some of them being- What vehicle does it fit under (height)? How much weight do I want to lift off the ground (weight capacity)? How often will I use it (usage frequency?

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Load Capacity

First, you should cross-check the load capacity of a floor jack with your Suburban. The load capacity is the maximum weight it can support. You should refer to your owner’s manual or inside your truck door.

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Not all floor jacks have load capacities, so if you are unable to find this information, I would recommend using a hydraulic jack with a lift height of at least 4″ under the center of the Suburban’s wheel axle, safely supporting the vehicle with 2 wheels off the ground (also referred to as “axle stands”).

Minimum Height

You want to look for a floor jack that will be able to fit under your Suburban while still being able to open up completely flat. Remember, these jacks fold away, so if you are looking for one that has side supports when in use, make sure there is enough room around.

Check out your Suburban’s ground clearance and see if the jack you’re going to buy fits under it or not.

Maximum Lift Height

Make sure that your floor jack will be able to lift high enough for you to remove the wheels from your Suburban.

Height is commonly measured in maximum lifting height or maximum rise. So make sure if you need a jack with a lifting range of 3-7″, there’s no problem going through all those different heights, but if you need one with a 5″ max lift height, make sure the lowest setting on your floor jack will support that.

Lifting Capacity

What size floor jack for Suburban
What size floor jack for Suburban

The standard car tire has about 6 psi (pounds per square inch) of air pressure – which means it weighs approximately 100 pounds. Basic math tells us that 2 tires x 50lbs/tire = 100 lbs., so 4 tires times 100lbs/t

Pump System

See if the floor jack has a single-piston pump or dual piston. The single-piston pump requires less effort for a higher lift but takes much longer to achieve the desired height.

As a basic rule, a floor jack with a low capacity makes it easier to raise and lower your vehicle, but you have to work much more challenging when using the jack at its extremes. So if you’re looking for more of an entry-level product (or want one that’s extremely easy to use), go with something like the standard jacks on this page.

If you need one capable of lifting larger vehicles, get yourself one with extended range or double-telescoping pistons; these can make it easier for you to position the car properly while still allowing for enough space between your vehicle.

The maneuverability of a floor jack

Floor jacks are heavy, and you find it hard to pick them. That’s why it’s essential to check if it can roll over the floor well.

If your floor jack is challenging to move around, you’ll be less likely to use it even if it’s easy to lift a car.

The best jacks won’t get you disappointed in this area during use. In addition to having wheels attached at the base for easier rolling, they should also have a low center of gravity, making them more stable overall.

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Doing so can make jacking up a car more accessible and safer while boosting the chance that the vehicle will remain stable until you’re done working under it. Just keep in mind that some old jacks may take a bit of time getting used to their ways before you become entirely comfortable with how they work.

Saddle Diameter

The saddle is the part of a floor jack that comes in contact with the jack point. This means that it can either make or break your choice as far as a jack goes, depending on its size.

When the saddle diameter isn’t big enough, you won’t be able to. This can mean wasting time and money because you may have to get another lift if yours doesn’t work correctly.

The good news is that most modern jacks come with saddles at least 18 inches wide for this very reason – so they don’t let you down when trying to use them for larger cars.

No matter how small or large your floor jack is, though, always ensure that it has a weight capacity of at least 3 tons whenever possible – especially if you own a heavy.


Now that you know about finding the right floor jack for Suburban, you can easily opt for any jack as they meet the requirements. This was a complete guide on choosing a floor jack for the suburbs.

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