How to drive safely in Dubai

Driving in the United Arab Emirates: Top Safety Tips

How to drive safely in Dubai

How to drive safely in Dubai: In the United Arab Emirates, driving is not a simple task since drivers are constantly subjected to testing. This is not only on their ability to obey traffic laws but also on their endurance and forethought.

Here are some of the best driving cars in Dubai road tips that will keep you and your passengers safe on the roads of the United Arab Emirates.

Keep Your Focus On the Road

It should go without saying that you must always keep your gaze fixed on the road in front of you. Keeping this in mind when driving in Dubai is an excellent place to start. 

Driving in Dubai’s many lanes has the potential to convert even the most minor blunders into life-threatening ones. So pay attention to the road in front of you. Utilize your side mirrors and avoid being distracted by anything that can be handled after you’re off the road.

If It Rains, Be Cautious!

When driving in Dubai’s rain, it’s vital to keep an eye on the weather. Driving cars in Dubai slowly and using the wipers are two of Dubai’s most fundamental rain safety considerations. 

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Consider the possibility that the roads will be slick after the rain, so use your brakes earlier than usual. Do not panic, and keep a safe distance from the cars in front of you.

Distance is a Factor

More emphasis should be placed on maintaining a safe gap between vehicles. If you violate this, you will be subject to a Dh400 fine and four black points on your license. Road experts stress the importance of keeping a safe distance between two vehicles. 

Always maintain a safe gap between yourself and the other vehicles, even in slow-moving traffic. This way, you will not be caught up by surprise in case of an emergency break. 

Pedestrian Crossing

Drivers are frequently unwilling to slow down or give pedestrians the right to cross the road. A zebra crossing requires drivers to slow down and keep an eye out for pedestrians. The penalty for ignoring them is a fine of Dh500 and six black points. Not only that, Dubai Police will levy a Dh500 punishment on anyone who stops at a pedestrian crossing.

Hazard Warning Lights

Unfortunately, most motorists fail to utilize their warning lights when something unexpected occurs on the road. Experts say warning other drivers of impending danger or blockage is beneficial. They won’t have to slam their brakes since they’ll have adequate time to slow down. 

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In the event of a mechanical breakdown when driving cars in Dubai, you’re advised to move into the slower lane and keep their hazard lights on so that other drivers are aware of the situation. 

Keep Note of the Quickest Lane

The quickest lane is on the far left side, with each lane properly labeled accordingly. Drivers are aware of the need to obey posted speed limits, but many refuse to yield the right of way to faster vehicles. The fast lane is for individuals who have exceeded the speed limit. 

Therefore, drivers who notice a quicker vehicle in the distance should put their right indicators on and give way.

Switching Lanes

 Overwhelmingly, while changing lanes, drivers do not utilize their indicators. This leaves other drivers completely unprepared and vulnerable to accidents. Even more risky for other motorists is the practice of certain drivers abruptly changing lanes without any prior notice or signal. 

On the other hand, some drivers refuse to let other vehicles pass into their lane even with their indicators turned on. A Dh200 traffic charge can be levied if you fail to yield the right of way to other cars.

Things to Avoid When Driving in Dubai

how to drive safely in dubai
How to drive safely in Dubai

Driving On the Hard Shoulder

Avoid using the hard shoulder of the road. Do not attempt to pass on the right-hand side of the road. Keep your distance from those who engage in this behavior. If you’re caught overtaking from there, you’ll have to pay a fine of AED 1,000. 

Do not wait around on the hard shoulder if you have a flat tire or any other problem with your vehicle. Rather than that, take cover behind the safety barrier and then dial the right Dubai emergency numbers.


Traffic mishaps occur regularly in Dubai. Rubbernecking is a common pastime among drivers in Dubai who are curious about the sights around them. However, always refrain from doing so. It’s common for rubberneckers to cause traffic jams and delays by ogling at the road ahead of them. 

By doing this, you and other drivers on the road run the danger of getting into more serious or even deadly car accidents. As you pass, make sure to have a clear view of the road ahead.


Speeding is exhilarating, but it’s also perilous in today’s world of racing cars and muscled SUVs. Speed limits on Dubai roads often vary from 100 to 120 km/h, while those on urban dual-carriageways typically range from 60 to 80 km/h. 

Avoid exorbitant penalties by adhering to Dubai’s speed restrictions at all times while driving in Dubai. Fines for speeding in Dubai may range from AED 300 to AED 3,000, which are accompanied by black points and the repossession of your vehicle.

Drink and Drive

It is illegal to drive cars in Dubai under the influence of alcohol, as stipulated by the city’s traffic rules. In Dubai, if you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you’ll face a fine of AED 20k and a year in jail. 

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Don’t take any chances, even if you’ve just had one pint of beer and are still awake and aware enough to drive. Instead of driving yourself home, call an RTA cab. In Dubai, drinking and driving are strictly prohibited.

Road Racing with a Red Light On

All cars must halt when the signal turns red. Driving through a red light is punishable by up to a year in jail in Dubai. There are several crossings on Dubai’s roadways, some of which cross with the city’s tram routes. 

Running a red light at an intersection puts the lives of several individuals at risk. To avoid the catastrophic consequences of running red lights, Dubai’s traffic laws are strict and enforced to the fullest extent possible.

Ensure you use this driving advice when driving cars in Dubai. The best thing is when it comes to driving in Dubai, it’s easy to fall into the routine. Simply being accustomed to the situation is all that’s required. Nevertheless, mastery necessitates becoming familiar with the relevant regulations, driving guidelines, and safety precautions.

How to drive safely in Dubai

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