How to Clean the Jeep LED Headlights

How to Clean the Jeep Headlights

Jeeps are very popular among people due to their unique design. While most people choose standard-sized cars, jeeps are an escape from the ordinary. However, taking care of one is also somewhat extraordinary.

Jeep Led Headlights are a top choice among drivers. These lights are arguably much better than the conventional ones. Hence, keeping them clean can be a real effort. But, no need to worry. We have gathered some of the most effective ways that answer the eternal question, how to clean the Jeep LED headlights.

With that said, let’s get started.

3 Proven Methods to Clean the Jeep LED headlights

Soap Water

Using soap water is the cheapest way of cleaning LED headlights. That is because the soaps consist of alkaline. And, it is the best agent against LED screens.

Not only this method removes all the stains from the headlights, but it also makes them much brighter. However, it is recommended to do this once every two months.

Take a piece of cloth and a small bucket filled with soap water. Simply cleanse the headlights with the clothes, and you will see the dust, scratches, and other unwanted marks fading away.

Soft Clothes

This method is for less dirty headlights. If you have only a few minor marks on your LED, you can wipe them off with a soft cloth.

The reason for using a soft fabric is due to the sensitivity of the LED headlights. They are fragile, and using a stiff cloth can cause even more scratches.

It will take away all the dirt. The best part is that you can use this simple trick every day as it does not require an agent. In fact, it is recommended to wipe off dirt with a soft cloth after every long drive to make sure it does not catch more.

Polishing Agent

Polishing agents are the most effective of all methods. They are used by most professional cleaners as well. That is because, after a wash with a polishing agent, you will not notice even the slightest mark on your Jeep LED headlight.

Apply the agent and wipe it off with a piece of fabric after a while. It will remove all the unwanted stains. However, you can take an additional step for better cleaning.

Use curing wax headlamps after wiping off the agent. Place it on your LED headlights film. It will drastically improve their power and save you from regular cleaning.

Which Method Should You Choose?

So, if you are a regular driver, method 2 is the best for you. It does not involve any agent or chemical.

If you are a working person but want to take the cheaper route, you should consider method 1.

For busy people who are unable to clean their lights on a daily basis, method 3 is suitable as it can get them through for a long time.


You can either use all these methods or use one of them every now and then. But, one thing is for sure. They will leave no mark on your Jeep headlights.

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