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The Best Solar Car Battery Charger: How To Choose The One That’s Right For Your Vehicle

Picking the right solar car battery charger can be a difficult task. There are many different brands and models to choose from, how do you know which one will work best for your vehicle? This guide will help walk you through how to find the best solar car battery charger for your needs.

What is a solar car battery charger?

A solar car battery charger is a device that uses the sun’s energy to provide power for your vehicle. It allows you to charge your electric car or hybrid without having to plug into an outlet, which can be especially beneficial if there are no other charging options available. Additionally, it may also save money on gas and help reduce how much pollution you put into the air.

Benefits of a solar car battery charger

What are some benefits to using a solar car battery charger? There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing one for your vehicle.

  1. The very first and most importantly the solar car battery charger helps you to charge your vehicle when you need it the most. It’s an angel in emergency situation.
  2. They’re portable and easy to install, so they don’t require very much work on your part other than setting it up in the sun and plugging into the accessory outlet of your vehicle.
  3. Solar car battery chargers are typically quite small and lightweight.
  4. You can use them on multiple vehicles, all you need is an adapter to make it compatible with your vehicle’s charging port.
  5. They’re environmentally friendly! Using solar energy helps reduce how much pollution goes into the air from gas stations or outlets.
  6. A solar car battery charger is typically inexpensive and can save you money in the long run.
  7. They’re easy to store, so they don’t take up much room inside of your vehicle or home when not being used.

Types of solar chargers: how do I choose?

There are many different types of solar car battery chargers on the market today. Here are a few options that you should know about when looking for your new solar car battery charger:

  1. Portable Solar Car Battery Chargers
  2. Plug in Solar Car Battery Chargers
  3. Quick Charger Inverters

Portable solar car battery chargers can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, but they aren’t able to harness a lot of energy. They’re also typically smaller and less powerful than the other options, so it can take longer for them to charge your vehicle.

Plug in solar car battery chargers are designed specifically for one type of car or vehicle, but provide more power output in a shorter amount of time compared to portable solar car battery chargers.

Quick charger inverters allow you to charge your vehicle with the power of both solar and electricity, which saves time when it comes to powering up your ride. They’re easier options because they can be used on multiple vehicles, but typically cost more than other types of solar car battery chargers.

How to choose the right solar car battery charger for my vehicle?

The first step is knowing how many amps you need. This will determine how much power your solar panel should produce and how large of an inverter you’ll need to attach to the system. Once that’s figured out, find a battery charger with at least the same number of amps as what you determined in step one. There are several things to keep in mind to pick the right solar car battery charger for your vehicle!

How many amps does my vehicle need?

Many solar car battery charger models have a wattage capacity of around 20 watts. The amps per hour will vary from model to model, but the average is between 500 and 800 A/H. This means that on a full charge (if it were getting direct sunlight for 12 hours) you would receive an output at about 50-80 amps (for 20 watts).

How much energy do I need my solar car battery charger to provide?

This will depend on how large your vehicle is and how much energy it requires to charge. If you have a very small car that doesn’t use too many amps, then a smaller solar battery charger may be sufficient. But if you own an RV or a truck that uses more power, you’ll likely want something with at least 20 watts of capacity so it can provide a full charge for your vehicle.

How big is the solar car battery charger?

This can vary greatly depending how much power capacity you need and how large of a solar panel you want to put on your vehicle. In general, most experts suggest going with something that’s at least 12-15 inches in size so that it provides enough surface area for the solar panel.

How much power will I be using in total when charging my vehicle?

This depends how large of a capacity your car battery charger has, how many amps it puts out per hour and how long you have sunlight available to charge with. Usually speaking, most experts suggest that if you’re looking at something smaller than 20 watts you’ll need to leave it out in the sun for at least 12 hours.

Charging times for a solar car battery charger

How long does it take to charge your vehicle with a solar car battery charger? This can depend on how large the capacity of the solar power bank is and how much direct sunlight you have available. Generally, many experts estimate that it takes around 12 hours for a full charge on this type of device when used in optimal conditions.

How much should I spend on a solar car battery charger?

Solar car battery chargers can be found in many different price ranges depending on how advanced the technology is and how large of an energy capacity it has. You can find cheap portable solar car battery charger but in general, most experts suggest spending at least $30-50 on a good quality solar car battery charger. A more advanced device can cost you upwards of $100 or even slightly higher, depending how much power capacity they have.

Final Words

Solar car battery chargers are a great way to charge your vehicle while you’re not using it. They can also be used on multiple vehicles if needed since they have such low power requirements that work well with most types of batteries. If you are about to buy a solar car battery charger make sure that you keep in mind what we have discussed above and when it’s about the pricing, it is better that you go above $50.

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