Is the Honda CR-V Worth Its Price Tag?


The Honda CR-V has been making the top of ‘most popular’ charts for some time.  Not only do automotive journalists like it, but consumers like it.  After it’s redesign in 2017, more than 750,000 were sold in just two years.  Still, just because something is popular, it doesn’t mean it is worth the price tag. So, we thought we’d check and see if the 2022 Honda CR-V is the value that so many people claim it is.

Spaciousness is Key

There are many dozens of SUVs on the market. Many have small backseats just like the sedans that they have been slowly pushing out of the marketplace.  The 2022 Honda CR-V, on the other hand, has an enormous backseat.  Engineers managed to carve just over 40 inches of legroom for the second-row passengers.  There’s plenty of head and hip room, making the CR-V one of the rare SUVs where the second row is actually comfortable for adults.  

The CR-V claims just over 102 cubic feet of passenger space. Its big rival, the Toyota RAV4, has 98 cubic feet. 

Cargo Capacity is Important

Many SUVs today have very small cargo holds. When the Honda CR-V was developed with a cargo hold over 35 cubic feet, it challenged the status quo.  Today’s CR-V has a cargo hold that measures just over 39 cubic feet. That’s more than double a sedan’s trunk. The area has been shaped to allow for easy use, a big plus when you need to load it up.   By comparison, the similarly-priced and -sized Nissan Rogue has just over 31 cubic feet.

With more to start with, it’s no wonder that the CR-V is also leading the pack with overall cargo space.  If the seats are folded, the Honda has 75 cubic feet while the rival Toyota RAV4 has 69 cubic feet.

Drivability and Efficiency

Many manufacturers have lowered horsepower to meet efficiency requirements, improving fuel economy by sacrificing drivability.  The Honda CR-V isn’t a speedy SUV, but, in this class, its 190-horsepower turbo is enough to instill confidence in the driver.  Plus, this engine is actually efficient, earning 28 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. 

There’s also little competition to match the CR-V Hybrid. It earns 40 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.  What’s really remarkable is that the powertrain generates 212 horsepower, giving the hybrid edition more umph than the gas-powered one.


Features and Trim Value

At one time, you had to step up to a higher trim level to get driver assistance features.  For 2022, Honda Sensing is standard on the entry-level LX.  That has improved the CR-V value at this price point.  

Still, to get the best dash equipment, Honda shoppers will want to spend just a little bit more on the Special Edition.  This adds a full touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  

As a Honda, the CR-V also has some features that are unique to the brand or at this price point.  It is very convenient, for instance, to have Walk Away Auto Lock as part of the Honda Smart Access system. The rearview camera has three views rather than the typical one.  The extensive safety suite includes road departure warning and assistance, a system you don’t find on competitors. 

Adventure Aspects

This is not the SUV for towing with its limit of just 1,500 pounds. It also doesn’t offer any off-roading equipment. It does offer a very efficient all-wheel drive that is more about weather challenges than about driving on a trail. Its 7.8 inches of ground clearance is a few decimal points below many rivals.

Tips for Shopping New and Used

If shopping for a new CR-V, it is definitely recommended to aim for the Special Edition or, even better, the EX. These have more features and represent the best price to value ratio.

A used CR-V is generally a good buy.  The previous generation started in 2012.  The first model to have a standard rearview camera was in 2014.  The 2015 editions were praised for better handling, more efficient sound insulation, and much better fuel economy.  It’s also the first year that the CVT was standard instead of the less effective five-speed automatic. 

The current generation went on sale in 2017 and earned immediate praise for the updates.  In 2020, Honda Sensing and the 190-horsepower engine were made standard.  


All in all, the 2022 Honda CR-V seems to earn the praise heaped on it.  The trick to getting the best value here is definitely to step up a trim level or two.  Fortunately, the introductory price is low enough that the subsequent trim levels are still affordable for many buyers. 

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