Lexus LM: Explore the Elegance and Luxury of Lexus LM



Imagine a minivan equivalent to the luxury of a high end hotel, but with the comfort of your favorite sofa. That’s the Lexus LM. There is class in a classy 5 door minivan that goes out into the world to be nothing but extremely comfortable and classy only. They are designed to accommodate the highest level of comfort with style. Here is a very functional but convenient minivan, made by Lexus. We will look at the characteristics of the Lexus LM such as its design, engines details, transmission, price, performance, in addition to the exterior and interior options of this vehicle.

Furthermore, following its launch, Lexus LM has made exceptional records. During just one month after its debut, this model had three-digit bookings in India and shows that luxury MPV’s are highly desired in the country. LM is received worldwide as a world’s first and Lexus first. It serves as an industry standard and pioneers in ultra luxury mobility.


Lexus LM is an ideal blending between the aerodynamic form and elegance in its design. Clean lines on the outside with distinct front grill pay close attention to detail. The car’s stately appearance on the highway makes it obvious that this is a luxury car.

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The LM features an elegant cabin specially developed to accommodate a pleasant drive or comfortable resting moments at the back (or front) seats for drivers as well as their co-travellers. The interior of the front cabin is functional and has all the required controls and features at your reach. It provides an expansive 3-row suite at the back offering four seat, six seat, and seven seat alternatives. The seats are carefully made for comfort, while the cabin is arranged in such a way as to make it appear tranquil and luxury.

Specifications of Lexus LM


Each generation of the Lexus LM has its engine variants. LM’s generation one (2020-2023) had two models which are; LM 300h (that was fitted with a 2.5 liter hybrid 4-cylinder engine) and LM 350 (which is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine).

The LM in the second generation (2023-present) is solely hybrid. It offers two engine options: the LM 350h, with a 2.5 liter hybrid inline four engine, or the LM 500h, which has a 2.4 litre twin scroll turbo inline four engine. Each of the above-mentioned engine options has different power outputs and torque figures.


Different transmissions are used in the Lexus LM, depending on the generation or model. E-CVT is a new electronically controlled continuously variable transmission that comes alongside the first-generation LM 300h. In contrast, the LM 350 has a 6 speed or 8 speed auto depending on the location (Hong Kong).


Interior and Exterior

The Lexus LM interior incorporates a range of amenities to improve passengers’ comfort and convenience. It features large-scale seating space and thoroughness in details aimed to provide a relaxed and luxury setting. There is partition with 48-inch widescreen display for rear seat entertainment; retractable glass partition with retractable table in 4-seat model. Besides, it has an optional Rear Climate Concierge system which integrally manages various component like air conditioning, seat position, blinds, and bulbs.

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The exterior of the Lexus LM is stylish and graceful. The signature Lexus Spindle Grille is integrated into the body of the car and also highlights front and rear wheels. Aerodynamic design reduces disturbances on longitudinal shape that assists manoeuvrability also cooling. From its design’s point of view, one notices the attention to details.


The Lexus LM has different pricing in varying markets. The top model of Lexus LM costs 1.466 million YUAN – approximately $ 215,000). The standard model in the UK costs £89,995 while the price of the Takumi model is £112,995.

Performance of Lexus LM

The Lexus LM emphasizes comfort-ability but still provides an acceptable standard of performance. This hybrid drivetrain features a 184kW lm 350h. On the other hand, it is meant for leisurely driving that is calming and not to drive aggressively fast or rapidly. It can take up to 8.7 seconds in getting to 60 and it is able to reach a top speed of 118 mph. This car focuses on comfort and maintaining its cool and calm ride, having the updated body stiffness components, and adaptive adjustment of suspension for extreme comfort.


A special remark should be mentioned about this luxurious minivan of Lexus – it is called LM. A premium MPV by Lexus with an impeccable design, spacious interior, advanced features, and a close eye to details is a highly preferred product among many people. The Lexus LM has different seat settings, with sophisticated safety features that emphasize an effortless driving mode in high class transport.

Luxury Redefined: Explore the Elegance of Lexus LM

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