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Rimac C2 (Concept Two) | Speed, Price, Top Records, and Specs


Rimac C2 | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020): In the last posts, we have talked about the brilliant sports car, Aston Martin Valkyrie. Today, we will be talking about a wonderful and mind-blowing concept car, Rimac C2, also known as Rimac Concept two.

Overview of Rimac C2

Rimac Concept Two is the fastest accelerating car and the long-range electric car designed by Croatian automaker popularly known as Rimac Automobili unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor show.

Rimac C2 | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)


Rimac C2 Price
ClassElectric Concept car
Engine4 liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motors
Battery 120 kWh Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
Power1914 horsepower
Torque2300 Nm
ManufacturerRimac Automobili
DesignerAdriano Mudri
Electric range400 miles (650 km)
PredecessorRimac Concept One
Wheelbase2,745 mm (108.1 in)
Cost€1,795,532 ($19,47,012)
Weight1950 kg


Rimac C2 Engine

The concept car is powered by the 4 liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motors generating massive and maximum power of 1914 horsepower, 2300 Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 258 miles per hour (412 kph).

Rimac C2


Rimac C2

Rimac C Two supports an advanced transmission system. The single-speed transmission system is used each for front wheels and twin two-speed transmission system is used for rear wheels helping the car reaching the high speed of 258 miles per hour.

Concept Car



Rimac Concept two is going to be among the list of top 10 fastest cars in the world. So, to ensure the safety and stability of both the vehicle and driver, it’s aerodynamics must be taken into consideration. To avoid aerodynamic stresses, this supercar is designed expertly and perfectly. So, it can achieve its goal with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Rimac also claims a drag coefficient of 0.28, very less as compared to other supercars and hypercars.


Other specifications


Rimac concept two is a heavy hypercar with a weight of 1950 kg and it costs €1,795,532 ($19,47,012). This concept car is designed by famous Croatian designer Adriano Mudri.


The reason behind the generation of this massive power is its 4 electric motors. Every wheel has its separate motor, helping in reaching the top speed effectively.


Long range electric car

Rimac C2 | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)

Rimac Concept 2 uses a 120 kWh battery pack (20% bigger than that used in the Tesla top model), making it a long range electric car


This concept car can run about 400 miles after a full charge.

This hypercar takes almost 30 minutes to charge from 0-80 percent on a fast charger.

Rimac C2


Electric cars

Rimac claims to produce 150 units of Rimac C2 with pricing expected to $19,47,012.


The company also claims that the production of the Rimac Concept Two will hopefully begin in late 2020.


Performance of Rimac C2


The car can accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in just 1.85 seconds, making it one of the fastest accelerating cars.


Rimac Concept car can reach a maximum speed of 258 miles per hour (412 kph). This concept car can complete a quarter-mile in just 9.1 seconds.

Rimac Ctwo

An interesting thing about Rimac C2

Rimac C2 | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)

The interesting thing about Rimac C_Two is that this hypercar can read the mind of the driver.


The car is accompanied by a number of sensors, reads the mood of the driver. If the driver is stressed, it will soften the accelerator and play some soft and soothing music for him.

Rimac Automobili

Gallery of Rimac C2

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Rimac C2 | Speed, Price, Records, and Specifications (2020)

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