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Things You Should Never Forget To Pack On Your Motorcycle Adventure


Overview – Motorcycle Trip Checklist

Motorcycle Trip Checklist: The freedom & enjoyment that comes with riding a motorbike can make your senses tingle while bringing out your child-like curiosities. It’s an experience of its kind; nothing is this thrilling and adventurous that makes you fall in the lap of nature. Motorbike riding makes you more playful & lets you explore nature in ways it speaks to you. Each time you go on a road trip, you come back with a bundle of unique events that you cherish later on. Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast or not, we recommend you to experience it once in your life.

The real fun begins when you are fully equipped and prepared for your ride. Pre-hand preparation for your motorbike road trip enables you to enjoy the ride peacefully as the risks of getting in uncertain circumstances are lower. And even if you end getting lost in the middle of nowhere, adequate gears will get you out of them. But there’s a thing with riding on motorcycles you, unlike you, lack the luxury of space. 

You have to be careful and efficient when narrowing the gears you take on your trip. This article will guide you through the Motorcycle Trip Checklist that you should never forget to pack on your motorbike adventure.

1. A Good Navigation System

The best thing about motorbike rides lies in the journey rather than the destination. When you cross the fast cool breeze on the highways or pass by the valleys in your motorcycle’s chaps or fields, the touch that nature gives you is indescribable. On a road trip, how you get to your destination is more interesting than where you go. A sound navigation system comes to play the role here. They help in keeping your journey hassle and tension-free.

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With them, You know your ways; you travel through it safely and comfortably. So, get yourself a good map or a sound navigation system before you hit the road. Although smartphones have primarily replaced their usage, carrying a water-resistant map can be a good option as it never runs out of batteries.

2. First-Aid Supplies

Carrying a few small bandages & antibiotics on your trip can be a good investment. Painkillers can help a lot with sore muscles and cramps that you might get to experience by the end of the day. Also, carry a good medicated sunscreen if you are traveling in cold weather conditions. For some travelers, eye drops are essential, especially while riding in the summers or through the wind. It is the most important part of the Motorcycle Trip Checklist.

3. Flat Repair Kit

Modern motorbikes provide good grip under both dry & wet conditions & last for thousands of miles. But no matter how many good quality tires you use, they are vulnerable to cuts & punctures, & a flat tire can bring your journey in moments to a halt. If your motorbike runs on tubeless tires, pack an excellent flat repair kit with you, it will help you get back on the road in no time. There are many compacts and lightweight kits available in the market; check the reviews and get yourself one. 


4. Rain Suit

Undoubtedly riding in your motorbike leather jacket adds up to your style on the road. Compromising on that sometimes puts you out of your comfort zone, but keep in mind that your safety is your foremost priority under any condition. Weather forecasting is not an exact science; you can get stuck in heavy rain, even in summers. Riders claim that it was their winter trips that taught them what real rain is. A rain suit is one of those essentials that you should never leave back on your riding trip. 

5. Spare Key

Losing your motorbike key can be the most irritable thing you might encounter on your road trip. Calling roadside assistance will surely fix this problem, but what if you are in the middle of rocky mountains or open fields? Any assistance will take a significant amount of time to reach there. Keeping a spare key is a healthy habit. Make sure you keep it in a secret and safe place where it is easily accessible. Also, keep your motorbike owner’s manual with you on the trip; being familiar with your ride can be very helpful. 

6. Emergency Communicator

Road trips are full of adventures and thrill. They bring a lot of joy & enthusiasm, but it also cuts you from the outer world. You get to travel across the remote regions, through the areas where cell phone range is not available. Getting into an emergency and calling for help can become complex in those situations. Emergency communicator is the life savior in such circumstances. Many emergency communicators integrated with GPS messenger are available in the market that communicates directly with satellites for determining your location anywhere around the globe & communicate with your family and friends. 

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7. Tank/Saddle Bags

As mentioned earlier, motorcycles don’t come with the luxury of space. There are multiple gears available in the market that address this issue. Unlike backpacks, tanks, and saddlebags that get hooked with your bike, it allows you to carry your essentials with greater ease and comfort level.

Things You Should Never Forget To Pack On Your Motorcycle Adventure

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